26 thoughts on “Steven Brust Pens a Ditty For You

  1. Oh, man, I’ve already wasted to much good editing time today, but now I have to go see what all the hubbub is about, bub…

  2. btw, I’m offended by this. I feel like I can read a book or 3 AND spread crap on this blog. Phhht.

  3. Comment excitement? Where? When? The only reason I come here is for the cups brimming with unadulterated excitement.

  4. Well, I’ve never “drunk my dinner” before coming here. I don’t drink. The worst you could say about me is I came here in agonizing pain; but that’s a different story.

    Oh, and I have a cat.

    *Yes, I know the ditty isn’t about me specifically just a composite of a lot of different commentors.

  5. Brian H: No idea what was intended, but in my head it’s “Cover of the Rolling Stone” with the choruses taken out (and minus a beat or two on the title lines)

  6. wait, what happened?? the only posts i’ve seen recently have been totally innocuous… where is this idiocy occurring?

  7. Ah,

    Now I get the “excitement we’ve had here today”. I get it. I shouldn’t assume when I poke my head in from time-to-time while studying.

    *Back to those stats exams*

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