Relinking to My Comment Deletions Policy

Getting a few requests this week from folks asking if I wouldn’t mind deleting their (generally non-objectionable) comments on the site. Yes, in fact, I would mind, and here’s the explanation why. Quick advice: Don’t make a comment… Read More

Feral Kitten Update, 8/18/12

The feral kitten who has been hanging around the house has been caught. We’ve been leaving cat food in the garage for the thing so a) it wouldn’t starve to death, b) it would be lulled into a false… Read More

Dungeon Stomping

I popped over to the gaming convention GenCon yesterday, in civilian (i.e., not performing monkey) mode, because Wil Wheaton was there and I wanted to hang with him a bit. When I e-mailed him earlier in the week… Read More

Your Second Thought For the Day

Mind you, for many of the people for whom the Greek Alphabet gradation of social hierarchy appears important, the working definition of “Alpha Male” seems to work out to “sociopathic assbag.” So maybe you don’t want to be one of those, either.

Your Thought For the Day

It’s funny because it’s true! Mind you, it’s also sad because it has to be true. But isn’t that life on the Internet for you.

The Summer Home

Folks have been asking after the rabbit, so here’s a quick update. First, the rabbit turns out to be a she, a fact we ascertained by the ruff on her neck and by the fact that at no… Read More

You Never Know Just How You Look Through Other People’s Eyes

In my piece on how not to be a creeper, I made a point that today I’d like to expand on just a little; I’ll explain why in a bit. Here’s the point: 2. Acknowledge that you don’t… Read More

RIP, Harry Harrison

For those of you who have not yet heard, science fiction Grand Master Harry Harrison passed away yesterday, from causes that are not yet determined as far as I know. Here’s the announcement from his own Web site;… Read More

Oh, Look, Another One

Last week, Athena and I saw a little black kitten sprinting across our yard as we drove in the car; we got out to look for it, but it had well and truly disappeared into the treeline. We… Read More

While I Am Off Doing Things, Look At This Pile Of Cool Upcoming and Just Released Books

Buy them! Read them! Love them! Mostly in that order. Anything in this pile you’re particularly interested in?

Comment Ratings

Over the last few days I’ve been asked if there’s a way to enable “liking” or otherwise rating comments here on Whatever. The answer is: Yes, there is, but I prefer not to. The reason is that I… Read More

Athena Totally Punches the Eighth Grade in the Face

It’s the first day of school. Athena’s clearly ready to do some damage.

Last Day of Summer Around Here

And it’s a beautiful day. So: Later.

The Paul Ryan Pick

Two things: 1. It’s really the best Romney could do. If it sounds like faint praise, well, it is, but the fault is neither Romney’s nor Ryan’s.  It’s the GOP’s, because its current bench of viable national players… Read More

Summer’s End

School starts on Monday for Athena. Another summer gone, just like that.

A Tangential Personal Note on Creepers and Me

I made the offhand comment in yesterday’s post about how not to be a creeper that I almost never get creeped on, which precipitated a direct message on Twitter from a friend that said “‘Almost never’ is different… Read More

An Incomplete Guide to Not Creeping

The last couple of months have been a really interesting time for geekdom, as its had its face rubbed in the fact that there are a lot of creepy assbags among its number, and that geekdom is not… Read More

The Big Idea: Kari Sperring

A list of books on a wall led author Kari Sperring on a literary adventure that took her from 17th century French satire to the world of her latest novel, The Grass King’s Concubine. How did she get… Read More

Athena Takes Pictures

Like you do.

Why I Don’t Just Admit I Am A Democrat

Got an e-mail from someone who’s apparently been reading my archives to figure out my political views. It was a hostile e-mail, but at the heart of the e-mail is a legitimate question, which I will paraphrase as… Read More