The Big Idea: Lara Zielin

  Several years ago, author Lara Zielin took a trip to watch tornadoes. She was expecting storms, and she got them. Just not the ones she was expecting. Here she is to explain how that fateful, stormy trip… Read More

Your Social Media Thought For the Day

It’s probably indicative of something that these days, if I want to have a thought of mine preserved for eternity, I put it on my blog; if I don’t care if I ever see it again, I put… Read More

The Big Idea: Jim C. Hines

It’s no surprise that authors love books. But it might surprise you, in the context of Libriomancer, Jim C. Hines‘ newest novel, how the author’s love of books so directly shaped this particular novel. Or, perhaps, knowing authors,… Read More

I’m Totally Using This Excuse

From xkcd, of course.

And Now, Here’s Lopsided Cat

Just in case you were confused which cat this is.

Public Statement By the Readercon Convention Committee

There’s a new statement by the folks at Readercon about the recent events surrounding the harassment of Genevieve Valentine by Rene Walling. The new statement is here. The short version of it: The convention committee has given Mr…. Read More

Wil Less Than Threes Curiosity, the Mars Lander

Hey, did you know that Wil Wheaton narrated a NASA video about the Mars lander that will (hopefully) set down on that planet’s surface less than a day from now? If not, now you do — and here… Read More

Hey, Look, I’m on Sword & Laser This Week

Here’s the episode. Incidentally, you might think that the laggy, six-frames a second thing I got going on that episode is due to a balky webcam, but the fact of the matter is that’s actually what happens to… Read More

The Big Idea: Meagan Spooner

Sometimes it’s nice when your iPod runs out of power. Meagan Spooner explains how a day without hers led to her thinking about the world in a whole new way, and led to her novel Skylark. MEAGAN SPOONER:… Read More

Educational Use of Whatever Posts

I get requests on and off from teachers and professors who want to use one or another of my posts in their classrooms. So this is another one of those “I’m putting it up here to point to… Read More

Hello, I Am Old

Just explained to the daughter that the “M” in MTV stood for music, and that when it started the station only played music videos. Her response: “Wow, that must have been cool.” Yes. Yes it was. Below, the… Read More

Shadow War’s Hugo Chances

I’ve been asked several times over the last few months if I thought “The Shadow War of the Night Dragons: Book One: The Dead City: Prologue,” which has been nominated for a Hugo in the category of short… Read More

A Trio of Caveats

Jezebel has linked in and reported on yesterday’s piece on Readercon, which is nice because it helps to widen the discussion of the issue, to which I came late and had a less than critical role in (again,… Read More

“To Sue The World,” Featuring Wil Wheaton + All of w00tstock 4.0

Hey, would you like to see me and Wil do “To Sue the World,” which we did at the Burbank Public Library, whilst I was on tour? Of course you do. Here you go. Thanks to “pateachoux3″ for… Read More