A Man And His Hat, A Collaborative Metafictional Event by Gaiman, Wheaton, Scalzi, Kluwe, Ellis, Burns and a Hat

This all really happened. On Twitter. Remember this, come Hugo nomination time, for Best Related Work. (Borrowed from here)

Greetings From Early Autumn Ohio

Having a great time. Wish you were here. Well, maybe not all of you. That would be hard on the lawn.

My Thoughts on Mitt Romney, Person

Question from the audience: I know you won’t vote for him, but what do you think of Mitt Romney as a person? Well, of course, I don’t know him as a person. I know him as a construct… Read More

A Glimpse Into My Writing Brain Right Now

Just in case you’re wondering, the most annoying part of writing a novel, for me at least, is the part I’m at now, in which the entire novel is figured out, all the moving parts are in place… Read More

New Arrivals, 9/29/30

Some of the books (and ARCs) that came into the Scalzi Compound in the last week. It’s nice, in the midst of a deadline hell such as I have at the moment, to be reminded that the hot mess… Read More

A Picture of an American Flag, Plus a Question

It’s my American flag, actually. As for the question: Leaving aside your own country’s flag, what’s your favorite national flag, purely on vexillological grounds? Confine yourself to current flags of currently existing countries, please. I’m partial to the Estonian… Read More

Here is the Logitech Keyboard for the iPad

It arrived and I’ve been using it for a couple of days, and the verdict is: It’s all right. The keys are smaller than what I’m used to, but this is not terribly surprising, considering that they’re meant… Read More

For No Especially Good Reason I Put Each Letter of the Alphabet Into My Web Browser and Posted the Link it Autocompleted To

And here’s what we got. Click or hover on the letter for the links, and don’t worry, they’re all work safe, since if I ever did any naughty searching, and I’m not saying I do, I would do… Read More

For “Nerd Day” at Her School, Athena Recreates a Classic of the Form

Ermahgerd indeed. Berks er ther berst!

Today’s Assignment: Register to Vote

More writing on The Human Division today, less time here. I know. I miss you too. But I’ll miss not having a mortgage payment when I finish this thing more. While I am gone, a question: If you… Read More

Today’s Assignment: Recommend a New Book

I will not be about today because I must write like the wind. While I am away, to keep you occupied and amused, an assignment for you: Tell us all about a new book that you’ve enjoyed. For… Read More

Not Dead, Just Writing

I mention this because I got my first “Hey, you haven’t updated yet, are you dead?” e-mail for the day. Not dead. I swear. Just, deadlines, yikes. How are you?

And Thus It Begins

I wrote, on Twitter: A half hour later, from Wil Wheaton, there is this: Oh, Wil. (Shakes head sadly.) Now you’ve done it. (Heads down to the BASEMENT OF RETRIBUTION) Update, 8:54: Wil responds thusly: To which I… Read More

Still Life With Fuzzy, Ukulele and Mallet

And that’s what Sunday looks like here. Hope yours is good. Work to do; see you tomorrow.

My Tech Life, 2012

Three years ago, I gave an accounting of the technology I use and why, because people seem to be fairly curious about what I use and how it has an impact on my work. In the three years… Read More

Various and Sundry, 9/22/12

Because a Saturday is a fine time to talk about a number of things: * Charlie Stross has an interesting post up about the diminishing marginal utility of stuff, in which among other things he speculates why people… Read More

Writing on an iPad: An Update

Earlier in the week I mentioned I was trying out writing on my iPad, using a bluetooth connected keyboard, and some of you were wondering how that had worked out for me — if indeed it worked out… Read More

The Big Idea: Malinda Lo

Birds have often been painted as harbingers of troubled times. In her new novel Adaptation, Malinda Lo might say “Friend, you have no idea.” She explains why below. Watch the skies! MALINDA LO: The idea for my new… Read More

This is a New One For Me

I am one of the lede stories on the CNN.com site. No, that’s not me in the beard. The other story you see there is taken from an interview I did earlier today with a CNN reporter about… Read More

Dave and Liz and Chicago Save the World: A Short Story

As part of my duties as Toastmaster of Chicon 7, I wrote a short story for the convention, one, as a freebie and thank you to the membership, for paying their money and coming to the con, and… Read More