So This Is a Thing That Actually Just Happened

A tale told in tweets: So, yes. At some point in the not too distant future (but well after I finish up my current projects, no doubt to the relief of my editors) prepare yourself for 101 Uses… Read More

Subterranean Press September eBook Sale

Subterranean Press is putting on sale a whole bunch of its ebooks this September, including several of mine: Through the end of the month, for example, my Hugo and Nebula-nominated novella The God Engines is just $2.99, as… Read More

The Big Idea: Morgan Keyes

We’ve all experienced rites of passage in our lives, and they are usually framed as celebrations. But is there another side to those rites — a not always celebratory one. It’s a side that Morgan Keyes explores in… Read More

The Now Standard Back From Worldcon Disclaimer + September Schedule Notes

Hi there! I’ve been away for several days and not looking at e-mail or much of anything else, and also have to dive back into work immediately, so it will probably take me a couple of days to… Read More