Look, Everyone! It’s the Tuesday Mantis!

Because is it really a Tuesday without a picture of a mantis? I don’t think so, either. This one was on my rabbit hutch, about a half hour ago. This was shortly before it got exasperated with me… Read More

A Little Something I Wrote on Facebook Earlier Today

On my private account (i.e., the one I use for people I actually know in real life), not my public page: The closer we get to the election the more I am reminded just how incredibly awful Facebook… Read More

The Big Idea: Peter Adam Salomon

Very few people in the world are truly tabula rasa — a blank slate. So when you’re creating a character who is as close to one as can be, how do you keep it real… and compelling? That… Read More

Dear Midwesterners

It is entirely possible — and some would say actually¬†advisable! — to employ one’s turn signal before the very last possible instant. Please learn this before I have to destroy your car, which I have very nearly rear-ended,… Read More