19 thoughts on “A Man And His Hat, A Collaborative Metafictional Event by Gaiman, Wheaton, Scalzi, Kluwe, Ellis, Burns and a Hat

  1. I just read a post by Gaiman about how he met Terry Pratchett for the first time and how he always forgot hats. He ended it with Terry finding his proper Author’s Hat and himself deciding he’s not a hat person. Is that the *real* Gaiman? (It was from 2005, I must admit)

  2. And I’m amazed and impressed that Chris Kluwe participated. He’s checking Twitter and making wisecracks before the game? (Not that it hurt his performance in the least. Go Vikes!).

  3. Neil’s Hat (@NeilHimselfsHAT) has remained active on Twitter. I liked where called out George R. R. Martin’s hat for having gone Hollywood.

  4. hmmm.

    Are you quite sure you are not a jagermonster? (from the girl genius comics…)

    from the (inevitable) wiki:
    “Jägers also have an unusual connection to their hats, considering them a status symbol — the one bit of Jäger wisdom revealed in the comic thus far is “Any plan where you lose your hat is a bad plan”[2]. Likewise, hats have been an object of jealousy in the Jägershots cartoons, a last gift given to a dead comrade ✣ , and even presented to ✣ suitable potential Heterodyne suitors.[3]”

    (citations ommitted)

  5. It would have been better if Neil’d forgotten his hat.

    Oh sure, and you want Earth to succumb to the Titanian invasion of 2037? No, there was a very good reason why we hijacked Wheaton’s account to warn Beloved Leader Gaiman.

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