The Big Idea: Amanda Carlson

Every author has a voice — and that voice expresses itself in ways that aren’t always considered conventional by those on the outside. This Amanda Carlson learned about her own writing voice, in the process of writing her… Read More

How to Be a Good Commenter

One of the things I’m proud of here at Whatever is that the comment threads are usually actually worth reading, which is not always something you get with a site that has as many readers as this one… Read More

The Big Idea: Jay Kristoff

Is there anything new to say in the worlds(s) of steampunk? Perhaps, if you look beyond the usual settings and suspect. For Stormdancer, author Jay Kristoff broadened his horizons and listened to his dreams. this is what he… Read More

Hey! I Don’t Have to Pay Income Tax!

There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who… Read More

Public Appearances 2013, Or Lack Thereof

Just to have it out there in case people ask: My 2013 public appearance schedule is very sparse at the moment, by intention. I don’t know how many of you folks have been keeping track of these things… Read More

Capclave Calling

A reminder to all and sundry that in just a little under a month from this very day, I will be in the Washington, DC area for the purpose of being the Author Guest of Honor at Capclave,… Read More

A Promise to Twitter Fulfilled, or, How I Ended Up Covered in Frosting by Roller Derby Girls on Neil Gaiman’s Lawn

First, the video, which explains why roller derby girls are covering me in frosting on Neil Gaiman’s lawn, and the subsequent photodocumentation. Stick around for the time-lapse photography! Second, the image, which illustrates everything. Three: The poster offer!… Read More

Don’t Mind Me, I’m Just Testing Out Using a Keyboard With My iPad

Which is to say I am fiddling with technology again and seeing how it’s working. Obviously, so far, so good. In case you’re wondering, the keyboard I’m pairing with the iPad is the Mac keyboard at my desk, because… Read More

Someone Who Speaks Russian Needs to Tell Me What’s Going On Here

I’m pretty sure it’s a review of Old Man’s War. It looks like it could be amusing. I can’t tell if it’s ultimately positive or not, but on the other hand, who cares? I like that someone put… Read More

Saturdays Are For Finishing Up Woefully Overdue Anthology Stories

Which is what I did with my Saturday, anyway. Yours might have been different. The story: Called “Muse of Fire” (yes, I know there was a Dan Simmons novella of the same name; no, it has no relation… Read More

Steve Jobs Was Wrong

Yesterday, because I needed it for work*, and because my wife growls threateningly whenever I get near hers**, I went and got one of the latest iterations of the iPad. As advertised, it is a very lovely piece of… Read More

You Never Go Full McCain

Here’s the thing about Mitt Romney: He’s a Republican candidate for president in the unenviable bind of not being able to run on any sort of record at all. He’s tried to run on his record as a… Read More

The Big Idea: Sarah Beth Durst

Often times reading a book is the closest you can come to an experience without being there yourself. But can writing the book pull off the same sort of trick? Let’s ask Sarah Beth Durst, whose latest novel,… Read More

14 Years of Whatever, Plus Book Announcement

September 13, 1998 was the day I sat down to write the first Whatever entry, motivated by a desire to keep my column-writing skills sharp and also, let’s be honest about these things, to give myself a way… Read More

This is Exactly What Happens When I Pitch Television Shows

I mentioned on Twitter the other day that I had pitched some TV shows to TV show types in Hollywood. As things do on Twitter, things quickly spiraled out of control. And involved a goat. And that’s where… Read More

The Big Idea: Sarah Rees Brennan

Look! A large, sinister manor! Filled with parapets and secret panels and whatnot! What sort of story shall we put in such a thing? Well, Sarah Rees Brennan knows, because there’s one in her latest novel, Unspoken. Draw… Read More

A Further Crawl Into My Hermitage

Just as a head’s up for folks: I just put up an autoresponder on my e-mail letting people know that for the rest of the month until October 8, the chance of me responding to anything that’s not… Read More

Look, Everyone! It’s the Tuesday Mantis!

Because is it really a Tuesday without a picture of a mantis? I don’t think so, either. This one was on my rabbit hutch, about a half hour ago. This was shortly before it got exasperated with me… Read More

A Little Something I Wrote on Facebook Earlier Today

On my private account (i.e., the one I use for people I actually know in real life), not my public page: The closer we get to the election the more I am reminded just how incredibly awful Facebook… Read More

The Big Idea: Peter Adam Salomon

Very few people in the world are truly tabula rasa — a blank slate. So when you’re creating a character who is as close to one as can be, how do you keep it real… and compelling? That… Read More