48 thoughts on “I Shall Not Be Updating Again Until Monday, and So I Leave You With a Picture of a Cat

  1. Oh, crap. I gotta go buy catfood. Thanks for reminding me. Of course, I would have been reminded once I got home…..

  2. Good on WordPress, it won’t let me nymshift to try to up the
    “Good luck with the book writing” post count.
    I guess it doesn’t want to set you a record. ;p
    Interesting about us is we mostly threw in the word “good.”

  3. I noticed the cat’s sitting on your mouse. Good luck getting him to move so you can write. My cat can be very obstinant about giving up a mouse.

  4. You posted on Friday and it’s now Sunday, late morning. And that means–hellyalooyah!–you’re just about done! Time for a cigar and whiskey. Or not, if that doesn’t float your boat. How about caramel syrup, whip cream and a dollop of coffee along with cookies?

    Seriously, John, that just cracks me up, the coffee thang.

  5. Finished reading ‘Redshirts’ this morning — steadily improving experience right up to (and through) the final page: loved it! thank you!

  6. Re Diedre, “With great dignity and aplomb he sits on your mouse. He’s the perfect cat.”

    That’s darn near a great haiku. ;-)

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