34 thoughts on “Husband of the Bride of Frankenscalzi!

  1. I parsed it as a small ostrich with its head buried (as is tradition) in John’s skull. Hence the agitated expression.

  2. We were warned about badgers. Now we see one in the process of eating Scalzi’s brain. WHEN WILL WE HEED THE WARNINGS?

  3. @ Scorpius
    I find myself wondering if the carpet matches the drapes.

    @ Maggilla
    Don’t let HotBoF’s re-branding of himself fool ya. Dr. Frankenscalzi made him first, so the Bride was definitely Monster 2.0. The Husband’s just riding her coat entrails.

  4. John, whats that on your right palm? looks like its a bit hairy there buddy! Didn’t your mother warn you about that? Muahahaha!

  5. A beaver making not at all sweet love to the back of our host’s head. That’s wrong, but I can’t look away…

  6. Mike: I think that would be an insult to Pompadours.

    Stoicjim: A striped Beaver? My god, what will SCIENCE invent next! This is an exciting age, I tell you. Ex-citing.

  7. @Tyler Tork:
    Actually I think it’s two skunks, mating.

    There, I’ve corrected it for you. Oh, and BTW, I’m fairly certain that this is the final sign that precedes the arrival of the APOCASCALZI!!!111!!!

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