The Japanese Cover of The Android’s Dream

In case you were wondering what it looks like. It’s certainly moodier than some other cover versions.

A Playlist For Amber

Yesterday, writer and actor and awesome person Amber Benson tweeted wistfully: to which I responded: to which she responded: THIS IS THAT PLAYLIST. Click here for it on Spotify (if you have Spotify) Click here for it on… Read More

The 3D Chess Rope-A-Dope Kung Fu Debate Strategy

A couple of weeks ago I posited for group consideration the hypothesis that Obama threw the first debate in order to keep GOP contributor money flowing to the presidential race rather than fleeing to congressional and senatorial races,… Read More

The Humble eBook Bundles and Authors

So, having now been a part of the first (but almost certainly not last) Humble eBook Bundle, I’ve had some folks curious about my thoughts on it, particularly as it relates to money. Here are my observations on… Read More

Humble eBook Bundle Post-Mortem

The sale period for the Humble eBook Bundle has concluded, and in the course of the two week period it was available it sold over 84,000 copies and grossed $1.2 million dollars, both of which are nice, big… Read More

What It’s Like to Live In Ohio Right Now

In the comment thread of one of today’s earlier posts, I was asked what it’s like to be living in Ohio right now, i.e., in the thick of election season, when many people seem to be of the… Read More

Morning After Thoughts on Completing The Human Division

As a preamble, for everyone who still believes that writing is a romantic sort of life, this is what I looked like at the end of writing The Human Division: This is what the tail end of a… Read More

October in Ohio

At least, how it looks from my front yard, this morning. October is my favorite month for many reasons, but one big reason is the contrasts of colors you get in it.

The Human Division: Done!

It was completed at 12:02 am, Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012. Two weeks late, unfortunately, but still done for all that. The “word count” function in Microsoft Word tells me it is exactly 130,000 words long. I think that’s… Read More

Interview of me in Ghettoblaster Magazine

For those of you who enjoy printed matter, there’s a long interview of me in the latest edition of Ghettoblaster, which hits newsstands this week. In it, I talk about Redshirts and whatever (both the blog, and, you… Read More

The Human Division Writing Update

The weekend went well, with about 14,000 words total for Saturday and Sunday. I’m hoping for about another 6,000 or so today and then The Human Division will be done. For those who are wondering, no, this is… Read More

I Shall Not Be Updating Again Until Monday, and So I Leave You With a Picture of a Cat

There, that should hold you. Wish me luck with the book writing, would you? Thanks.

My Live at ComicCon Interview with Sword & Laser

There’s a lot of crowd noise, so be ready for that, but otherwise it’s a good interview. I discuss Redshirts, electronic publishing, and the community right here at Whatever.

Late Stage Book Writing Office

The Human Division is (oh God please) only days away from completion, which means pretty much everything else except for basic sanitation is taking a back seat to getting the thing done. As a result, please to see… Read More

To Heal a Nation, a Shoutout to Team Reddit

This is the sort of thing that is cool about Reddit.

Morning Here Looked Like This

Looking east: Looking west: And yes, these were happening at the same time. It was just a matter of turning 180 degrees. It doesn’t suck to live here.

Today’s Public Brag on My Kid

Here’s Athena with the certificate she got for acing the Ohio Achievement Assessment test this year. I’m delighted to see my kid upholding the Scalzi family tradition of blowing the doors off standardized tests. Remember, kids — Standardized… Read More

Gawker/Reddit Followup

Getting in a couple of points before I ignore you all for the rest of the day to write fiction: * One of the side effects of writing about the Gawker/Reddit kerfuffle, and subsequently having Gawker pick up… Read More

Hey, Look, I’m On Gawker

The folks over at Gawker have reprinted my “Gawker, Reddit, Free Speech and Such” piece on their site, with my permission, obviously. Things should get interesting now. The Gawker repost is here; the original post on this site… Read More

A Quick Note

Whoever posts the first comment in this thread will have the official 300,000th comment on Whatever. Go!