Just to Mess With Your Time Sense, Here’s a Sunset Photo First Thing in the Morning

I know! It’s too early to be messing with you like this! Yet here I am doing it. It’s because I’m a bad man. Just so that’s out there.

Gawker, Reddit, Free Speech and Such

I’ve been watching with some interest the drama surrounding Gawker writer Adrian Chen revealing Reddit user/celeb/moderator/troll Violentacrez’s real life identity (Michael Brutsch), which among other things resulted in Brutsch losing his job, presumably because Brutsch’s employer was not… Read More

The Humble eBook Bundle Expands

It’s been a week since the Humble eBook Bundle has come out and in that time over 50,000 bundles have been bought with sale of over $660,000. That’s very awesome, but now the Bundle is becoming even more… Read More

A Shocking Disclosure I Disclose To Shock You

I don’t drink coffee, because it tastes of ass, but about once a week I will go to the local gas station and pick up a coffee-based liquid substance. The one you see here is about sixty percent… Read More

One Major Reason Why I Love to Come Home

Because this is the person waiting for me when I get there.

A Week’s Worth of Book Arrivals

I’ve noted before that during the average week I will get somewhere between 10 and 40 books sent to me, which is a figure some people have treated with either amazement or skepticism. So to illustrate the point,… Read More

And Thus Are All My Revels Ended

I am being slightly precipitate about this, considering that I am writing this in the B terminal of the Detroit airport rather than at home. Nevertheless: With Capclave — at which I had a wonderful time — behind… Read More

My Other Guest of Honor Gift at Capclave

This is very cool: A hand-blown ornament showing a green-skinned alien taking aim at a redshirt (who has the head of a dodo, because Capclave’s mascot is a dodo bird, to go with their motto, “Capclave, where reading… Read More

My Guest of Honor Gift at Capclave

Meant to be worn ironically, I am almost sure, given my opinion on who gets to be the Speaker for the Geeks. Very amusing nonetheless. Today’s schedule includes a panel, a reading, a kaffeklatch, a joint discussion with… Read More

More Old Man’s War Movie News

Because I know you’re interested! Here’s the latest. And before you ask, yes, it’s fairly normal to have one writer do rewrites on a script another has done a first pass on, and yes, it’s a good thing… Read More

View From the Hotel Balcony 10/12/12, Plus Reminder: Capclave!

It is, if I may say so myself, a fantastic parking lot. And also, I am here in Gaithersburg, Maryland for Capclave, which starts today and for which I am the Author Guest of Honor. I dragged my… Read More

For Your Friday Political Discussion Consideration

A scenario for you: 1. Two weeks ago, Obama’s team looks at his position in the polls, realizes that both immediately and historically in the polling he’s likely to win re-election — likely enough that the money people… Read More

The Big Idea: Ned Vizzini

Being a geek is a kind of a thing now — and while that’s not a bad thing (said the adult, grown-up geek), in the rush to normalize geekdom into acceptance, a few things about being a geek,… Read More

Travel Travel Travel

Currently loitering in the Austin airport, heading toward to Maryland and Capclave, where I am the author Guest of Honor. This is what it looks like at the moment. Yes, Austin is actually monochromatic! It’s something they don’t tell you until… Read More

In Which the New York Times Suggests I Am a Pretentious Git

You know, as they would. It’s in this article, which gripes about Americans using words and phrases in more common usage in the UK. I get called out for calling the new iPad a “lovely piece of kit,”… Read More

Amazon Author Rankings and Who They Actually Benefit

Amazon has started ranking authors by total sales via Amazon, updated hourly. This is certain to make a whole bunch of authors begin to freak out as they constantly refresh their Amazon author pages to see where they stand… Read More

Checking in on the Humble Bundle

I’m pretty well chuffed at how well the Humble ebook Bundle is doing; in a little less than 24 hours we’ve pulled in just a shade over $370,000, and there are still 13 days left for the bundle’s… Read More

The Big Idea: Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling

Welcome to the apocalypse! What’s next? This is a question at the heart of After, an anthology of nineteen stories set in apocalyptic or dystopic times. But there’s another question that After is interested in, and it involves… Read More

I Trust That The Reason I Found This Desk Sign Amusing Will Be Readily Obvious to the Readers of This Site

If it’s not obvious, then, well. I don’t know what to tell you. Also, hello, I’m here in Austin. Keeping it weird, as instructed.

Old Man’s War Part of the Humble eBook Bundle

Hey, folks! I’m a participant in the Humble eBook Bundle, which introduces folks to some great science fiction and fantasy, all DRM-free, while also contributing to charities. The book I have as part of it is Old Man’s… Read More