Damn, It’s a Good Thing I Don’t Have to Be Creative This Week

Because I swear to God the entire week has gone like this: Me (sitting down to keyboard): Okay! Time to write something interesting and amusing. Brain: SHUT UP AND FEED ME. Me: I totally just fed you fifteen… Read More

I Have Little of Interest to Say at the Moment, So Here is Krissy Reading The Human Division Before the Rest of You

Because, you know. She’s my wife. She gets to do that. Mind you, she’s read it before, as I would give her episodes as I was writing them. But this time she’s reading them in sequence. And yes,… Read More

The Guardian Checks In

And lists Redshirts as one of the best science fiction books of 2012, along with several other very excellent books by Madeline Ashby, Nick Harkaway and World Fantasy Award winner Lavie Tidhar among others. Nifty!

The Whatever Holiday Shopping Guide Returns Next Monday

Last year in the first full week of December I ran a shopping guide for the holidays, and I think it was quite successful: Lots of people found out about excellent books and crafts and charities and what… Read More

Vote For the Best Science Fiction and Fantasy in Two Separate Centuries

Through the end of November Locus, the magazine of record for the science fiction and fantasy genre, is doing an online survey for the best science fiction and fantasy of the 20th century (1901 – 2000) and for… Read More

A Relevant Point Regarding Expectation Management

We’re all aware this is a prequel trilogy, right? I’m just saying.

My Love for You Will Still Be Strong

I like this version of the song. Wonder what happened to Bree Sharp.

Life in Ruralstania

For the first time in eight years, my phone provider has given me the option of increasing the download speed of my DSL connection. To an astounding 8mbps! I know, I can hardly believe it myself. And yes,… Read More

Advertisements for Myself

Some quick Monday reminders about things and stuff: The Subterranean Press Scalzi Super Bundle: This is the last week you can get your mitts on the Super Bundle, which brings together all of my current Subterranean Press titles… Read More

Festively Preparing for the Apocalypse

I asked my daughter to prepare a list of things she wanted for her birthday, which is about a month away now. This is that list. In case you have a hard time reading the list in the… Read More

Stealing From The Police

Don’t get me wrong. It’s nice Bruno Mars is doing something with The Police’s sound, because God knows The Police haven’t, for coming on thirty years now.

If You Read German

Here’s a nice review of the German translation of Redshirts in an Austrian newspaper (Der Standard). It has a few spoilers, however.

Apropos to the Day

Here’s a link to a post I wrote five years ago, which is still my general feeling today: What I Want for Christmas: Not a Damn Thing.

When Black Friday Comes

A couple thoughts on the most frenzied commercial day of the year. 1. If it’s fun for you, then go have your fun. As you do, spare a moment for the poor bastards who had to show up at the… Read More

Thanksgiving Again

And it’s a holiday I like because hackneyed or not, it is nice to take a day to be thankful for the things one has in one’s life. Last year I wrote up a Thanksgiving Advent Calendar, which… Read More

Today’s Vaguely Science Fictional Thought of the Day

I’d like to take these dudes back to, like, the 14th Century and just watch people freak out at their dance moves. I mean, back then they wouldn’t even have context for the adjective “robotic”. Don’t look at… Read More

New Books and ARCs, 11/20/12

What’s been sent to me just today, in fact. There’s some very cool stuff in here. See anything here you like/want/passionately desire? Unburden yourself in the comment thread!

The Existential Horror of Betaness

Question from e-mail, relating to the “Notes on My Personal Feminism” post: Wait, there are guys out there who think that calling you a beta male is going to insult you in some way? Yes, apparently. I would… Read More

Monday Is Blatant Advertisements For Myself Day

And here are three! One: Redshirts made the initial cut in the Goodreads Best Science Fiction 2012 context and has made it into the finals along with nine other science fiction books. If you would like to vote… Read More

Quick Notes on My Personal Feminism

Because it’s been on my mind recently. 1. I don’t tend to think of myself as a feminist — which is to say that I tend to think of people who do see themselves as feminists as people… Read More