Enjoying Them While They Last

As I noted on Twitter, I don’t actually expect that Twinkies will disappear if Hostess’ parent company actually goes through with its threat to liquidate — Twinkies and other assorted Hostess products have too valuable a brand name… Read More

A Girl and Her Dog

Daisy, figuring that Krissy could use some puppy time today. Krissy agrees.

Girl With Surgical Boot

Please to enjoy Krissy’s latest fashion accessory: A surgical boot. She’s not merely wearing it as an affectation, however; she did in fact have foot surgery this morning. She’s fine (as you may note from her bemused expression),… Read More

Today is Redshirts Publication Day in the UK

For all my British friends who were wondering when it was they might be able to get their hands on the actual, verified, made-in-the-UK version of Redshirts: Today is that day! Rush this very instant to your favorite… Read More

Two Strangely Relevant Links

One: This very interesting piece in Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology, called “Queer Female of Color: The Highest Difficulty Setting There Is? Gaming Rhetoric as Gender Capital,” which discusses in some detail my “Straight White Male”… Read More

Today is a Good Day to Subscribe to Clarkesworld Magazine

Many Whatever readers are fans of science fiction and fantasy, which means they have probably heard of Clarkesworld Magazine, the Hugo-winning science fiction magazine, which has published some genuinely excellent fiction in its run. Clarkesworld is owned and… Read More

When Gut-Boys Attack

It turns out that the author of the above screed, comic book artist Tony Harris, was born the same year I was. I can’t actually conceive of a forty three year old man, particularly one who has presumably functioned… Read More

Books Are Back

After a pause of a couple of weeks, most likely because of Hurricane Sandy, new and upcoming books have once again begun appearing at the Scalzi Compound. Here’s what’s come in during the last few days. Want a… Read More

A Couple of Quick and Final Post-Election Notes to Liberals and/or Obama Supporters

As I did offer some notes yesterday to the some (but not all!) white males freaking out about Obama winning a second term, I figure it might be worth it to give a couple of notes to those… Read More

How to Get Signed and Personalized Scalzi Books for the Holidays, 2012

The holidays are coming up — as they seem to do every year — and once again I am teaming up with Jay & Mary’s Book Center, my local bookseller, to sign and personalize any books of mine… Read More

Some Quick and Final Post-Election Notes to Some But Not All White Men

Specifically, to the white men who have spent the last week freaking out about the fact that Obama won a second term without the majority of white men voting for him. 1. First off, relax. A rainbow coalition… Read More

Redshirts in German: Out Today!

The German version of Redshirts, called Redshirts, is out today. If you’re in Germany and reading this (and several of you are, Germany is this blog’s biggest readership outside of native English-speaking countries), you can buy it off… Read More

Boycotts and Franchises

People have asked me if I plan to boycott Papa John’s Pizza and/or Applebees, because John Schnatter and Zane Tankel, CEOs of Papa John’s Pizza and the New York franchisee of Applebee’s, respectively, have rumbled about cutting hours and… Read More

Veteran’s Day Once More

While Athena and Krissy were at the Korean War memorial last week, an older gentleman in a wheelchair came up to a particular spot on the memorial and looked up at a soldier who was portrayed there. It… Read More

Look Who’s Back

Wife & daughter, after a week of them being off to DC for a field trip: Athena to learn, Krissy to be a chaperone for Athena’s class. What’s that, you say? You didn’t even know they were gone?… Read More

Just Arrived: My First “Hey, Are You Dead?” E-Mail of the Day.

To respond: No, I’m not dead. I’ve just had a very busy day so far. Doing things that aren’t on the site! I’m allowed! From time to time. So, uh, hi. I’m alive. How are you?

Meanwhile, in Darke County

In October I wrote about what it was like to live in Ohio in the midst of swing state madness, and I made the notation that Darke County, where I live, went 68% for McCain in 2008 and… Read More

The Big Idea: John Schwartz

New York Times reporter John Schwartz covers the nation for his beat at the newspaper. But his latest book Oddly Normal finds him reporting from home, writing about the challenges of raising a child who chooses to come… Read More

Post-Election Notes For the GOP (Not That They’ve Asked For Them)

Having just voted against both its presidential and Ohio senatorial candidate, I am reasonably sure the GOP doesn’t want any notes from me about its failures last night. On the other hand, I am a white, male, well-off,… Read More

The Schadenfreude Pie I Make This Week Will Be Dedicated to Right-Wing Pundits

Particularly the ones who shat all sorts of bricks in the direction of FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver. Nate Silver, who applied statistical modeling to the polls to see how likely it was that either Obama or Romney would win… Read More