Next Morning Presidential Election Thoughts

Last year in October, I did a book tour of Germany. Every night I was there, after my reading, I would have dinner with some of the Germans who were kind enough to have hosted me on the… Read More

Obama Wins a Second Term

I’m not gonna lie. I am vastly relieved. I will have more to say later, but for now, here’s a thread for your comments. Please be good to each other in it.

Scalzi Animal Update

Folks have been asking after the feral cat and the bunny, on account I have not discussed them here recently, so for those interested, an update. 1. First, bad news on the bunny front: The bunny escaped from… Read More

Vote Cat Has an Important Message For You This Election Day

Yep, that about covers it.¬† If you’re a United States citizen who can vote, you should vote. There’s still time as of this writing to read up on the candidates in your district at all levels of government,… Read More

The Big Idea: Ryk E. Spoor

In creating their books, most science fiction and fantasy writers engage in a certain amount of worldbuilding, developing the environment in which their stories take place. How long does this take? Well, if you are Ryk E. Spoor,… Read More

Redshirts Nominated for a Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award

Excellent.¬†Here’s the announcement page. I won this award a couple of years back with The Last Colony, so it’s nice to be nominated again. Other nominees in the Science Fiction category are Mira Grant (Blackout), Iain Banks (The… Read More

Announcing the Scalzi Super Bundle from Subterranean Press — This November Only

Hey, you like buying in bulk, right? Then here’s a deal for you: Subterranean Press has put together a bundle of all their Scalzi titles (all of the titles you see above, plus my extraordinarily topical short story… Read More

In Which xkcd Gets It Right Again

Sometimes it’s easy to lose the plot.

What If Romney Wins?

As I’ve made my presidential endorsement and my prediction as to how next Tuesday’s election will go, it’s clear to see that I both want and expect Barack Obama to win a second term as president. But what… Read More

My 2012 Election Prediction: Obama 294, Romney 244

It’s the weekend before the 2012 Presidential election and, as the kids in the business say, this cake is pretty much baked. All that needs to happen now is for it to be sliced up and served. That… Read More

My Brain Just Sent Me A Note

It says: “Dude, you’re on your own today. Later — Your Brain.” Well, then. See you all tomorrow, I suppose.

Just For the Record

1. I voted. Figured it was worth doing early, just in case, you know, I fell down the stairs on Tuesday and couldn’t get to my local polling location. 2. For those who are wondering, no, I did… Read More

The Big Idea: John Picacio

I’ve been a huge fan of artist John Picacio’s work for years now, and it was my immense pleasure to be on stage this year to hand him his Hugo Award for Best Professional Artist. Now I’m happy… Read More