So, 2012

I think there are a lot of people who will be happy to see the tail end of 2012. For me, I’ll say it was a year with dynamic range. On the business side, it’s not overstating it… Read More

The Offer on Old Man’s War: A Ten-Year Retrospective

Today is a notable day in my personal history: Ten years ago today, I sold Old Man’s War to Tor Books. People who have been following me for any amount of time know how this happened, but might… Read More

The Sunsets of 2012

A brief review. Not a sunset, but moody and cloudlicious in a sunset-y way: As always, we have one sunrise: And as a bonus this year only, what was on the other side of the sky from that… Read More

Most Trafficked Whatever Posts of 2012

It seems unlikely that in the next two and half days the numbers will change all that much, so without further ado, here are the most visited entires of Whatever for 2012, in order of highest number of… Read More

Getting Ahead of the E-Mails

Yes, yes. I know “Whatever” was chosen as the most annoying word this year. Again. As it is many years, apparently. You don’t need to tell me. For clarity’s sake I will note yet again that “Whatever” in the… Read More

On Transfolk

A question in e-mail: You recently said you were supportive of transsexuals. Could you expand on what you mean by that? Sure. First off, the quote my correspondent is talking about is probably the one here, in which… Read More

Book Editing Update

And there we go: Another book in. The Mallet of Loving Correction: Selected Writing from Whatever 2008 – 2012 is now off to Subterranean Press, to have done to it all the groovy things publishers do. The end… Read More

Editing a Book Today

Because it’s due in January, and I’m basically encased in a wall of snow anyway. The book, incidentally, is The Mallet of Loving Correction, the second Whatever compilation, which will be out on September 15. I’m arranging the… Read More

More Boxing Day Blizzard Photos

Athena and I braved the frozen expanses of the outside world to photodocument the results of the blizzard earlier today. Come along and see it in all its frozen whiteitude in this Flickr set.

Boxing Day Blizzard Update

Yup, it’s getting there. It’s supposed to continue to snow pretty heavily for at least a couple more hours, and then snow more lightly for the rest of the day. But it doesn’t look like we’ll have too… Read More

Here Comes the Blizzard

We’re supposed to get eight to ten inches of snow in the next, like, four hours, with high winds and the possibility of power outages, and I have a project I’m a little bit late on, so now… Read More

Three Views of My Wife on Christmas

Pensive. Muffled. Musical.

Pose-Off with Jim C Hines, Round Two

The (never unseeable) pictures await you here. I’ll note that as the pose is supposed to be of the person falling, I originally decided to try get the picture while lying on my stairwell. After I slid down… Read More

Eight Million Views for 2012

Just passed the number. Thanks to Hacker News for the assist; someone there linked to “A Self-Made Man Looks at How He Made It,” sending a flood of programmers over to read it. You can follow their own… Read More

Christmas on Mars

  My pal, astronomer, educator and science fiction writer Diane Turnshek, is spending Christmas in a most unusual place. Here she is to tell you what it’s like to have the holidays on (nearly) another planet. DIANE TURNSHEK:… Read More

Having Constructed the Chocolate House, Athena and Cecilia Now Terrorize the Poor Candy-Based Residents Within

For they are the cruel gods. Fear their sweet vengeance! And this concludes the Whatever broadcast day. See you on Christmas.

Dear Internets: My Wife Has Made Dessert for Christmas Eve Dinner

Two types of pie, three types of muffins. The deliciousness quotient is off the charts, people. Bet you can’t wait for dessert! Oh, wait. Right, you won’t be there. Well, don’t worry, I will have a little bit… Read More

Whatever Best of 2012

Hold up there, Daisy! Before we get to 2013, here’s my hand-picked selection of the best of Whatever through 2012, a year filled to the brim with politics, geekery, and of course, straight white men. They’re presented to… Read More

Athena at 14

There’s been some speculation at the Scalzi Compound about whether Athena would be taller than me or not at her 14th birthday. Well, today’s the day, and as you can see, it’s a very close thing. Krissy (who… Read More

Old Man’s War Tops Locus Online’s 21st Century SF Novel Poll

Well, this is a nice thing to wake up to on the first day of the new baktun: Locus Online polled the Internet to find out what the best science fiction and fantasy works of the 20th and… Read More