Speaking of Books, Here Are the New Books/ARCs at the Scalzi Compound

Look at these books. Just look at them! See anything in there you have an unreasonable craving for? Share in the comments. (Also, because the title on the Mark Teppo is not super-clear, it’s called Earth Thirst. You’re… Read More

Whatever Holiday Shopping Guide 2012, Day One: Traditionally Published Books

Welcome to the first day of the Whatever Shopping Guide 2012 — My way of helping you folks learn about cool creative gifts for the holidays, straight from the folks who have created them. Today’s featured products are traditionally published… Read More

Jim C. Hines Strikes a Pose for Charity and Ropes Me In

Some of you may remember a few months ago, when author Jim C. Hines took the Internet by storm by using his own body to point out the absurdity of women’s poses on fantasy book covers. Stunned by… Read More

The Big Idea: Joe Monti

It sometimes amazes people, in this increasingly digital age, how much book covers still matter. They do: They are literally the icons representing the words within. As co-editor of the anthology Diverse Energies, Joe Monti has some definite… Read More