The Story Board Ep. 5 – “Life Online: Putting the Meme in Memoir”

So, Patrick Rothfuss, Jenny Lawson, Wil Wheaton and I got together to talk about blogging about ourselves and other topics, and off we went for ninety minutes. It’s fun! And we swear a lot, because it’s me and Pat and Jenny and Wil. You’ll love it. P.S.: Sorry about being so choppy. It’s Wil’s fault.

9 Comments on “The Story Board Ep. 5 – “Life Online: Putting the Meme in Memoir”

  1. This was greatness. It was fun to watch you all kick back and talk shop.

  2. That was an enjoyable talk and Pat did a great job moderating (when necessary), but somewhere during the final half hour I found myself distracted by the current state of your facial hair. Down in the little window you looked an awful lot like the Guy Fawkes mask from V for Vendetta.

  3. This was not only insanely funny, but insanely informative. (which could be taken as “you taught me how to be insane”)

  4. Thanks Pat, Wil, Jenny and John for not only being entertaining and more than a bit amusing, but for being really inspiring about putting yourself out there.

  5. This has solved my dilemma on which celebrities I would invite to dinner. I cannot imagine the wonderful conversations at a BBQ at my place with you guys. You guys are amazing, inspiring and hysterical.