Athena, 12/18/12

Before any of you say it: Yes, looking more like her mother every day.

The Results of My Fundraising Bribery Initiative + A Challenge to Jim C. Hines

As you may remember, Jim C. Hines challenged me to a pose-off last week as part of his fundraiser for theĀ Aicardi Syndrome Foundation, wherein he and I both modeled a pose of a female character on a fantasy… Read More

The Whatever Geographic Default Entry

This is one of those “post now for later reference” posts. Folks, I live in the United States and the bulk of my personal, political and economic life, including book sales, is tied into it. Also, while I… Read More

“Rip-Off!” Audio Anthology Now Available; Also: Hey! A Contest!

I told you about Rip-Off! a couple of weeks ago: It’s an audio anthology in which science fiction and fantasy writers take he first line of a classic of literature and then go off on a tangent with… Read More

Old Man’s War eBook $2.99 Today Only

The SEO-like headline says it all! My first published novel — which was sold to Tor ten years ago this month, more on that on the actual day — is available for just under three bucks. If for… Read More