One For the Fan Club

Because I know the fan club was feeling neglected for a bit there. Well, here. Now that’s fixed.

21 Comments on “One For the Fan Club

  1. I am allergic enough to cats to make being around them for extended periods uncomfortable. But, ohhhh, that floofy kitty looks like just the thing for a lap on a cold rainy morning.

  2. My cat woke me up on the one day this week that I got to sleep late. His days are numbered. Bwahahaha.

  3. Laura Resnick, he cat ate the bacon, of course, so it’s a picture of both bacon and cat.

  4. Where’s the Zeus love? We hardly ever get any pictures of him.

  5. Has the Official Fan club been disbanded? Say it isn’t so!

  6. Which reminds:

    It’s things like this that really make me miss my cats.
    Note: this version deletes the annoying scare tactic screaming weeping angel thang.

  7. Aw, my holiday spirit just perked up. Kitty and dog pictures are great for that.

    BTW, if Scalzi taped a bacon strip to his cat, does that mean he plans someday to stick the face of one of his cats through a hole in a slice of bread?

  8. Now there is a cat who is tolerant of the shortcomings of humans. It’s that look of infinite wisdom which really nails us…

  9. Now I can face the Mayan Apocalypse knowing I have lived a full life.

  10. John, is there any objection to me copying that picture to my computer? I would appreciate it a lot, thank you.

  11. Whatevever happened to the glorious Chang Not Chang? Not quite the same without him…

  12. What a beauteous picture of the glorious she! The graininess detracts somewhat from the quality of the photograph as does the white square at the upper right, but it is difficult to adjust light settings when the radiance emanating from the radiant she is so radiant. Or something. Mostly: KITTY!!