Meet the Mandolele

I enjoy playing the ukulele but sometimes wish for a robust sound than I can get out of one, while still maintaining a compact size. So I wandered into the local music store and took a look at… Read More

Here, Have a Sundog

Seems like a good day for one.  Update: Here’s a slightly more faithful to reality version.

Tech Notes on the XPS One (and Windows 8)

People always seem to be interested in my thoughts when I get a new chunk of technology, so herewith, some thoughts on the new Dell XPS One 27, and the Windows 8 operating system that goes with it…. Read More

Some Thoughts on the Pose-Off Between Jim C. Hines and Me

You know. This one.  1. The pose-off, while for charity, has its genesis in Jim taking pictures of himself in the poses that science fiction and fantasy book covers often put women in to call attention to the… Read More

Gene Wolfe Chosen as SFWA Grand Master

One of the perks of the job as President of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America is that I get to select — in consultation with the SFWA board and its past presidents — the recipient… Read More

Oh, And: Last Day to Get Signed Books From Me for the Holidays

Just remembered that. Don’t wait! Once more, here are the details. After today Jay and Mary’s will have signed stock from me, but I won’t be personalizing it, and it might not get to you before Christmas. So if… Read More

I’m Off Having New Tires Put on My Mother-in-Law’s Car, So Here’s the Cover for the Italian Version of The Ghost Brigades for You to Look At

I’m getting the tires put on because a) I am the sole adult in the extended family whose job lets him wander around aimlessly during daylight hours, and b) because, you know, I try to be a good son-in-law…. Read More

The New Toy, December 2012 Edition

You may recall that about a year ago my desktop computer crapped out, and my choice to replace it was at first nothing (I was using my MacBook Air) and then a Mac Mini. These solutions worked tolerably… Read More

My Dear Friends: You Will Not Be Able to Unsee the Unspeakable Terror That is the Jim C Hines/John Scalzi Cover Pose-Off

All I can say to you of it is: PREPARE YOURSELF. Are you prepared? Are you? Then follow this link and see me and Jim attempt this pose: BUT I WARN YOU: Whatever you think it will be?… Read More

Introducing the Video Game I’m Working On: Morning Star, From Industrial Toys

As most of you know, for the last year or so I’ve been working on a video game with Industrial Toys, the new video game studio formed by former Bungie founder Alex Seropian. We’ve been quietly chugging along… Read More

The Cover to the Czech Edition of Redshirts

Because I know you wanted to see it. Even if you did not know until this very second that you wanted to see it.

Reminder: Signed Books for the Holiday Orders in by December 12

Remember, folks: If you want to get signed, personalized books from me this fine holiday season, you need to get your orders in to Jay and Mary’s Book Center by close of business, this Wednesday, December 12. After… Read More

A Little More Re: Writing For Free

To address a few things asked to me in e-mail, comments here and out on the Internets, about my previous entry on writing for free (and why I don’t): 1. I was asked if I’ve ever worked for… Read More

A Note to You, Should You Be Thinking of Asking Me to Write For You For Free

Because apparently it’s that time again. 1. No. 2. Seriously, are you fucking kidding me? 3. Did you wake up this morning and say to yourself “You know what? A New York Times bestselling author who has been… Read More

All Thirteen Episode Covers From The Human Division

Just in case you wanted to see them all in sequence. You can find them over here in this Flickr set. As a reminder, the cover art is all by John Harris. Enjoy! (And if for some reason… Read More

The Big Idea: Adrienne Kress

Hey! My pal Adrienne Kress has released her new novel The Friday Society, and in doing so, she’s not only put together a kickass YA adventure tale, but she’s also checked off some personal goals as a writer…. Read More

Whatever Holiday Shopping Guide 2012, Day Five: Charities

For the last four days, the Whatever Shopping Guide 2012 has been about helping you find the perfect gifts for friends and loved ones. But today I’d like to remind folks that the season is also about helping those… Read More

Huge Ads With My Books In Them Make Me Happy

People keep sending me copies of the Audible.com ad that features Redshirts in it, and I have to admit that I think it’s pretty damn cool that Audible using the book as an example of the genre in… Read More

The Albee Agency Using Testimonials From Authors the Authors Did Not Give

The Albee Agency purports to be a book publicity agency that will get you and your book in and on all manner of media outlets, including TV, magazines and newspapers. To bolster those claims, it includes testimonials from… Read More

Whatever Careens Wildly Down the Streets of Social Media, Scaring the Cats

In an attempt to curry favor from those of you who live in the shiny new high-rises of Facebook or Tumble more than you visit the decrepit husk of the blogosphere, I have in the last week created… Read More