Quick Numbers Note

Today, Whatever passed 24 million recorded views since October, 2008 (i.e., when it switched hosting to WordPress’ VIP service). Also, if current traffic trends hold, by Christmas the site will pass eight million recorded views for the year,… Read More

A Window to Winter

As I noted on Twitter this morning, at pretty close to the exact moment of the solstice, we got an automated call from my daughter’s school telling us that classes were cancelled due to snow. This means that… Read More

The Existential Exasperation of Being John Boehner

You might think I would have a little bit of schadenfreude at John Boehner doing a faceplant yesterday when his “Plan B” scheme for the fiscal cliff couldn’t even be brought to a vote, thanks to the intransigence… Read More

You Wish You Could Sample My Daughter’s Christmas Cookies

Why? Because they are delicious,¬†that’s why. Trust me, I had a couple. Strictly for quality control purposes, mind you.

How’s Your Christmas Spirit This Year?

Because I’m curious, that’s why. If you want to explain your answer more fully in the comments, please by all means do so.

One For the Fan Club

Because I know the fan club was feeling neglected for a bit there. Well, here. Now that’s fixed.

What’s That? You Wish You Could See a Documentary On Morning Star? Here You Go

Morning Star being the video game I am working on, for those of you late to the party on that one. The embedded video takes a look at the Industrial Toys team (I show up briefly with an… Read More

The Big Idea: Ramez Naam

A mind is a terrible thing to waste — but might it also be a terrible thing to improve, if those improvements came from an outside source or technology? Or would it in fact be potentially amazing? It’s… Read More

End of the Year Office Mess

So extensive that it requires a poorly-seamed panorama shot! Get this, this is straightened up a bit from what it was (I cleared a path to my computer). And yes, it will be cleaned at some point in… Read More

Athena, 12/18/12

Before any of you say it: Yes, looking more like her mother every day.

The Results of My Fundraising Bribery Initiative + A Challenge to Jim C. Hines

As you may remember, Jim C. Hines challenged me to a pose-off last week as part of his fundraiser for the¬†Aicardi Syndrome Foundation, wherein he and I both modeled a pose of a female character on a fantasy… Read More

The Whatever Geographic Default Entry

This is one of those “post now for later reference” posts. Folks, I live in the United States and the bulk of my personal, political and economic life, including book sales, is tied into it. Also, while I… Read More

“Rip-Off!” Audio Anthology Now Available; Also: Hey! A Contest!

I told you about Rip-Off! a couple of weeks ago: It’s an audio anthology in which science fiction and fantasy writers take he first line of a classic of literature and then go off on a tangent with… Read More

Old Man’s War eBook $2.99 Today Only

The SEO-like headline says it all! My first published novel — which was sold to Tor ten years ago this month, more on that on the actual day — is available for just under three bucks. If for… Read More

The Hobbit at 48 Frames Per Second: A Review

As I am no longer a pro movie critic, I had to go see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey after it came out like a common troll (get it? Get — ah, never mind). My local cinema had… Read More

Writer or Spambot?

Got spammed by a writer this morning on Twitter. The fellow isn’t someone I follow, so he made sure it popped up into my queue by putting “@scalzi” at the front, followed by a generic plug for his… Read More

Tobias Buckell Goes Deep and Comes Back With Data

Toby Buckell did a Kickstarter for his novel The Apocalypse Ocean, and being Toby Buckell, now that he’s done with it, he’s written up an extensive (i.e., 5,000 word) post-mortem on the project, which includes context for the… Read More

Sunset, 12/16/12

This is what I think sunset would look like every night, if I lived on a gas giant.

Sunday Dog Photo

It’s the dog’s day of rest. Well, every day is a dog’s day of rest. But Sunday even more so.

And Now a Thought From Justice Scalia

From the 2008 DC v. Heller ruling, written by Scalia, and one of the very few Supreme Court cases to touch on the Second Amendment at all: Like most rights, the Second Amendment right is not unlimited. It… Read More