The Big Idea: Sharon Short

Sharon Short made a name for herself as an author of mystery novels — but sometimes an idea comes to you from outside the usual places. In the case of her mainstream novel My One Square Inch of… Read More

Troll Report: Active With Increasing Chance Of Stupid

At about 3:30 this morning, Zeus the cat (pictured above) came up on the bed and batted my nose to be let out; his punishment for waking me up at 3:30 in the morning is to be thrown… Read More

I Don’t Even Know Why This Exists, But It Does And It’s In My House And I Have a Spoon

Seriously, I don’t know what evil genius said “I know, we’ll take a cookie and make a paste out of it and then put it in a jar,” but whoever you are, sir or madam, you are diabolical… Read More

Today’s New Thing

Although I’m cutting back on public travel this year, I’m still going a few places here and there and wanted to be able to take a guitar with me, but I’m hesitant to take the tenor guitar because… Read More

Off to Get My Head Drilled

This morning is when I get my root-canaled tooth permanently caulked up, so I’ll be out until early afternoon at least. In the meantime, please enjoy Scott Edelman’s newest creation: I Hate It When That Happens. He has… Read More

RIP, Richard Stern

There’s an obit in the New York Times for author Richard Stern, who passed away last week from cancer at the nicely advanced age of 84. Fans of literature will remember him (as the obit notes) as a… Read More

The Big Idea: Myke Cole

Shadow Ops: Fortress Frontier, the second book in Myke Cole’s Shadow Ops series, is out today. And on this auspicious occasion, Cole wishes to think on subjects like competence, training, preparation and readiness — and what happens when life takes… Read More

The Human Division, Episode Three: We Only Need the Heads is Now Live!

Hey! Weren’t you just saying that you were wishing it were Tuesday, so you could get the next episode of The Human Division? Well, now it’s Tuesday, and now “We Only Need the Heads” is available for your… Read More

Today’s Big Ol’ Stack of New Books

Some of these are finished books and some of them are ARCs. Tell me which ones you’re excited about in the comments.

A Note to Some Folks in Countries Where They Are Being Charged a Lot For the Episodes of The Human Division; Plus a General Note About Episode Lengths

Just got a (justifiably) cranky e-mail from a guy who paid something like $3.50 for “Walk the Plank,” the second episode of The Human Division, and was annoyed that he got 32 pages for his money. Here’s my… Read More

Various and Sundry, 1/27/13

Mostly links. * First, did you know that there is a picture of me, Mary Robinette Kowal, Charles Stross, Patrick Rothfuss and Jim C. Hines, signed by each of us (and by Al Bodgan, the photographer) up for… Read More

Today’s Musical Question

When did the hip music of today start sounding like sea shanties and campfire singalongs? I think I missed that turn of events. It’s something to do with Mumford and Sons, right? I assume those guys are responsible… Read More

The Churrosity Continues

And you know what? They were awesomely delicious, too.

Guitar Days

A question from the gallery: Aside from fake Dylan songs, how are you doing with your guitar? My correspondent is asking about my tenor guitar, which I’ve had for about nine months now. As a partial answer, listen… Read More

Krissy, 1/26/13

Looking fairly contemplative, I have to say.

All Right, Fine, Here’s What I Think About JJ Abrams Directing Star Wars Episode VII

It’ll be fine. Really.  One, JJ Abrams is a perfectly decent director, who does a decent job with human beings, which is more than you can say about the last dude who directed a Star Wars film. Two,… Read More

A Moment of Financial Clarification

Every once in a while someone in the comments here says, usually as an aside to something else, that no one becomes a writer to get rich. So as a point of clarification, and to give everyone else… Read More

My Sugary Flying Adventure In the Air

The background for this series of tweets: My flight out of LA yesterday was delayed, and I ended up in DFW with lots of time to kill. A service representative from American Airlines gave me a couple of… Read More

The Office: Now Spotless

This is how awesome my wife is.  Plus, for the fan club, the video features all three cats.

Today I Hurl Myself Through The Air

So writing here is likely to be sparse. I may update from the plane, either here or on Twitter, if it has wifi. Otherwise, you’re on your own today. Not in a deep existential sense; we’re still all… Read More