Two Quick Notes on The God Engines and OMW

And they are: 1. The God Engines is one of the top ten science fiction/fantasy novellas of the 21st century (to date), according to the Locus Online 2012 All-Centuries poll, which now covers short fiction as well. Here… Read More

First Cat Picture of 2013 Plus 2012 Stats Report

Let’s get the important stuff out of the way first, with the first cat picture of the year: Clearly Ghlaghghee had a late night. Best not to disturb her. Second, here are the stats for Whatever for 2012…. Read More

Welcome to 2013

So, hey, looks like you made it through the night. So welcome to 2013. Just so you know, this year’s colors are teal and maroon, and the catch phrase that will sweep the Internet’s this year is “That’s… Read More