23 thoughts on “You Have Never Truly Heard Me Until You Have Heard Me Through Mary Robinette Kowal and Google Voice

  1. Weird…. reminds me of translating sentences forth and back with different automatic translation tools.

  2. I was watching them as she put them up this afternoon. The other messages she read dramatically were even funnier — yours were the closest to making sense, actually.

  3. I think in the future you should have Mary say all your lines for you. She has much better delivery and a lovely voice. You can gesticulate and make operatic facial expressions.

  4. First comment, ever. Longtime RSS feed-reader.

    Mary Robinette Kowal is Not Judging You.


    m a r

    PS: yes, I’m in Hawaii. It’s not banjo, it’s frickin’ uke here.

  5. For a truly surreal experience, go to YouTube and watch this and the two accompanying videos with the “automatic transcript” running.

    I need some more coffee now…

  6. Xopher @09:47Sort of the reverse of Hooked on Phonics.

    Which, in some circles, is correctly pronounced “Phoned on Hiccoughs.”

  7. @ Lurkertype: thanks! Just trying to keep up with you awesomes.

    @ Mary Robinette Kowal: Can you imagine how much effort it took for authors like Twain and Poe pre-GIF? Flipbooks take forever to draw…

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