Hey, Look! The Trade Paperback Edition of Redshirts! Want One?

Just arrived at the Scalzi Compound. It looks lovely. You all will get to get yours in 11 days (that’s January 15th)… Except for the one of you I randomly select to get a copy from this comment… Read More

Sword & Laser Book Club Pick for January: Old Man’s War

And here’s the video: I’m pleased.

Cat Naps: A Photographic Trilogy

All taken within about a minute of each other. Yes, my cats have a hard life.

SF/F Authors/Editors/Artists/Fans 2013 Award Awareness Post

For the last couple of years, after noting my own award-eligible works, I posted another thread for other folks in the science fiction and fantasy field to make potential award nominators aware of their works and/or personal award eligibility…. Read More