Contest! Reviews! Links! Wheee!

As today is a double book release day, I’ve got lots of links for you to get your click on at. 1. First, a contest from ThinkGeek! You’re being sent on an Away Mission, so what better way… Read More

Five Things About the Audiobook of The B-Team

One: Here’s the link to it at Audible. Two: Note the price. Cheap! All the episodes are at this point similarly priced. You could get the audio and the text versions of each episode and still be well… Read More

Redshirts Trade Paperback Edition Out Today

Today is not only the release of The B-Team but also the trade paperback release of Redshirts, meaning, yes! Those of you who wish to have to book in a slightly more compact, slightly cheaper print form, this… Read More

The Human Division, Episode One: The B-Team is Live!

And so we begin. “The B-Team,” the double-length debut episode of The Human Division, my latest novel and the newest book to take place in the Old Man’s War universe, is out today in DRM-free electronic book form,… Read More