19 thoughts on “Dear Cory Doctorow: The Masses Have Decided That This is the Face You Shall Have Made Into a 3D Scan

  1. What kind of God would allow that face (which heathen I voted for) to be immortalized in 3D printed sculpture?!
    I hath gazed upon the face of the abyss, and abyss made a face back.
    And seriously, who can cross only one eye?

  2. What @Gulliver said. I’m endlessly fascinated and impressed by people with independent eye control. Is that something you practiced, or a skill you’ve always had? Naturally, I’m assuming it’s not ‘shopped — I have too much respect for your many talents for that to be true.

  3. [Athena is in school]
    Classmate: “Athena! Is this YOUR dad? [Displaying copy of snide fish printout]
    Athena: [Palm to face, makes note to self about how to apply to be an orphan.]

  4. I cannot even begin to imagine how he will make that face….. But it will be fun to see! Congrats to you on preforming a perfect “snide fish” and good luck to Cory!!

  5. And hundreds of years from now academics will fight over why this contorted face printed in ABS plastic can be found in landfills from the 21st century all over the world. Does it have religious significance ? Was it a toy ? A fertility symbol ?

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