The eBook Path to Riches: Possibly Steeper Than Assumed

A comment in my “The State of a Genre Title” post reads: Wow, if you would’ve published that book yourself, you would’ve made over $300K from the ebook alone. Actually, probably I would not have. And here’s why…. Read More

LA Sunrise

I don’t realize how much I miss the foothills until I see them again. Also, hi, I’m in Los Angeles. I’m here for meetings and then more meetings and then just when you think the meetings are done,… Read More

The Human Division, Episode Two: Walk the Plank is Live!

It’s Tuesday, which means it time for another episode of The Human Division. Here are the details about “Walk the Plank”: Wildcat colonies are illegal, unauthorized and secret—so when an injured stranger shows up at the wildcat colony… Read More

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

Which is all right by me. Let’s see what the next four years will bring. Your thoughts are welcome in the comment thread. (Picture from here.)  

The Kitten Setting

My friend Jenny Lawson (aka The Bloggess) has a comment policy, in which she reserves the right to take the postings of the most obnoxious trolls in her comment threads and change the words to something else entirely,… Read More

My Weekend Adventures

The weekend, in bullet point form: * My weekend was primarily taken up with the ConFusion convention up in Michigan, which most of you know I consider to be my “home” convention (it was the first non-Worldcon convention… Read More

Here Comes the ARC

It’s the ARC for The Human Division in book form, and it is pretty meaty, if I have to say. I had no idea I had written so much. And that’s all you get for today, as I… Read More

Taking Most of the Day Off

Why? Because it’s Friday. See y’all later.

The Heartwarming Tale of a Boy and His Churro Waffle Reaches its Inevitable, Tasty End

It was delicious. And now I go to collapse into a food coma. Later, my friends.

Possibly the Most Accurate Likeness of Me Ever

Or at least, is likely to be, once Krissy makes the CHURRO WAFFLES in a couple of hours. This insanely awesome image comes from the brain and hand of Shari Chankhamma, and you can see the original posting… Read More

For the Three of You Who Don’t Follow My Twitter Feed, This is What I’m Obsessing About Today

Yes, it’s true: Churro Waffles are a thing that exist in our world and soon in my mouth because when I discovered they existed I begged Krissy to make them for dinner for me tonight and she totally… Read More

Punting the Start Screen

For those of you curious about every aspect of my technological life, I will note here a slight change to my UI experience of Windows 8, namely that I’ve installed Stardock’s “Start 8″ program, which reinstates a Windows… Read More

Sunset, 1/16/13

Straight out of the camera, no Photoshop. And yes, it really did look like this.

Dear Cory Doctorow: The Masses Have Decided That This is the Face You Shall Have Made Into a 3D Scan

Thus it has been decided, thus must it be! And may God have mercy on your soul.   (Lacking context? Go here.)

The State of a Genre Title, 2013

Yesterday Redshirts, my most recent novel prior to The Human Division, was made available in trade paperback format, which formally ended its hardcover format era. There are still hardcover editions out there, but Tor isn’t printing any more of… Read More

The Big Idea: Steven Gould

When you build a universe, you set up rules that you have to follow from then on out. But can those rules in themselves add to the drama of the story? Steven Gould returns the universe he created… Read More

Contest! Reviews! Links! Wheee!

As today is a double book release day, I’ve got lots of links for you to get your click on at. 1. First, a contest from ThinkGeek! You’re being sent on an Away Mission, so what better way… Read More

Five Things About the Audiobook of The B-Team

One: Here’s the link to it at Audible. Two: Note the price. Cheap! All the episodes are at this point similarly priced. You could get the audio and the text versions of each episode and still be well… Read More

Redshirts Trade Paperback Edition Out Today

Today is not only the release of The B-Team but also the trade paperback release of Redshirts, meaning, yes! Those of you who wish to have to book in a slightly more compact, slightly cheaper print form, this… Read More

The Human Division, Episode One: The B-Team is Live!

And so we begin. “The B-Team,” the double-length debut episode of The Human Division, my latest novel and the newest book to take place in the Old Man’s War universe, is out today in DRM-free electronic book form,… Read More