Another Act of Whimsy: Choose Cory Doctorow’s Face!

As you know, a bunch of us science fiction and fantasy authors have gotten together to raise funds for Jay Lake and participate in Acts of Whimsy. When the fundraiser passed $35,000 a particular act of whimsy was… Read More

What My First Time Was Like

Tomorrow the first episode of The Human Division is officially released into the world, which counts as the book release to me. It will also be either my seventeenth or twentieth published book, depending on whether one counts… Read More

If I Can Make It There, Etc

I’ve had the occasional report of a big damn Audible.com ad with Redshirts on it at or near Times Square for a while now, but finally someone has sent a picture of it to me (thank you, Ken!)… Read More

I Am NOT Running For SFWA President (Again) (Again) (Again)

I already posted a note in SFWA’s online discussion forums on this subject, but in the spirit of “belts and suspenders” am posting here, too. Most of you who read here know that I currently serve as the… Read More

In Which I, John Scalzi, Sing a Lost Bob Dylan Song For Jay Lake

This is for the Jay Lake “Acts of Whimsy” fundraiser. Enjoy, inasmuch as such a thing is possible. And remember: As of today, there’s still time to donate.

Sometimes I Don’t Write About Things

I’ve gotten enough emails and Twitter queries asking me if I’m going to write about the suicide of Internet notable Aaron Swartz (and at least one sort of angry email wondering way I haven’t written about it) that I… Read More

Saturday Cats Are Pensive

I think he’s thinking that he should buy a boat. It seems to be a thing for cats these days.

Jay Lake v. PayPal

Last night, just before close of business, PayPal locked up Jay Lake’s account because of suspicious activity, namely, about $50k rolling into his account in the space of about two days because of two separate fundraisers (one of… Read More

Your Friday Reading: Subterranean Magazine

Interrupting my busy work day to let you know that if you are so inclined, Subterranean Press has made the Fall 2012 and Winter 2013 editions of its magazine available to you — for free! — in both… Read More

Various and Sundry, 1/11/13

A few things, mostly relating to me.  * First, a look at 2013’s first appearance of the Scalzi River: This is the stream that shows up in my yard when we get huge amounts of rain, or in… Read More

A Fundraiser for Jay Lake — With Extra Added Whimsy

So, here’s the thing: My pal Jay Lake, who many of you know as a fantastic author and raconteur, has cancer, and things could be going better. One of the things that might be able to help with… Read More

Oscar Predictions Post, 2013

Every year when the Academy Award nominations are announced, I reach back into my store of knowledge as a former full time film critic (and current, continuing film enthusiast) and give my immediate thoughts on the nominations for… Read More

Joe Man’s War

So, Vendetta, my Norwegian publisher, posted up a really cool-looking poster of its February science fiction releases, of which Old Man’s War (De Gamles Krig) will be one: I’m not gonna lie, the cover art for all of… Read More

Sunset With Sundog

Taken with the cell phone camera on the way home. Yes, I stopped driving to take the picture. No, there was no one behind me. I live out in the boonies, remember?

Answering Questions About The Human Division, (Probably) Part I

People seem to have a number of questions about The Human Division, so here are some answers to them. Because I do that. Some of this I’ve answered before, but it’s nice to have it in one place,… Read More

Thoughts On Selling Out

Over at io9, Charlie Jane Anders meditates on what it means to “sell out,” inspired by a Twitter conversation between (among others) Paolo Bacigalupi, Tim Pratt and myself. I put in a comment over there, but I have… Read More

The Big Idea: James Smythe

Space is vast, and dark, and deep. How does that make you feel? Because, as you are about to find out, it makes author James Smythe feel a very specific way, a way that he examines, at depth… Read More

The Human Division Read-Along at Tor.com Begins

The official release of The Human Division begins next week, with “The B-Team” being sent to the public — but if you’re one of the folks who signed up for Tor’s special promotion of the series several months… Read More

Some Days You Wake Up and There’s a New David Bowie Video in the World

It’s over here on his site. And it’s Bowie being suitably Bowie, which is nice. Apparently there will be an entire album to go with it in March. You’re welcome.

Taos Toolbox, Redshirts French Cover, My Anthology Availability

Three things science fictional and fantastical, and lumped into a single post because of it: 1. Walter Jon Williams is once again heading up Taos Toolbox, a “graduate-level” writing workshop for science fiction and fantasy, and it’s application… Read More