My Thank You Gift to Everyone Who Pledged to the Counteract a Bigot Drive

As you know, I recently had cause to launch a pledge drive to send money to organizations working to better the lives of women, GLBT folk, people of color, and those who have been sexually assaulted. In three… Read More

Authors and Others: Con or Bust Needs Auction Items

My pal Kate Nepveu reminds me that it’s time again for the Con or Bust auctions, which serve to help folks of color attend SFF conventions. The auctions are the main (and I think, only) source of funds… Read More

Okay, Well, That’s Nice to Know

One more neurosis sorted, I suppose.  From here, incidentally. And no, I have no idea of their methodology. It might be they’re just being nice to me.

The Big Idea: John Hornor Jacobs

Normally, when someone approaches a writer with the words “I have a great idea for a book!” the writer reels back in exasperation and fear. But in the case of John Hornor Jacobs, there was this one guy… Read More