SFWA.Org Currently Under DDoS Attack

Reposting this here by way of getting the word out to SFWA members: SFWA.org has been under a DDoS attack since roughly 10am. We are working to restore the site as quickly as possible. — SF&FWritersOfAm. (@sfwa) February… Read More

The Human Division Episodes: Official Bestsellers

No lie, it seems both The B-Team and Walk the Plank hit the USA Today best seller lists in the last couple of weeks. Sweet! I have no idea if a serialized novel has had individual portions of… Read More

My Poor Stoned Puppy

Daisy has developed a nasty cough and the vet gave us some cough suppressant, which she warned might have the side effect of making Daisy drowsy. Well, it has the side effect of making her stoned, is what… Read More

The Big Idea: Betsy Dornbusch

Sometimes, to get at the big idea in your story, you have to ask someone else about it. For Exile, author Betsy Dornbusch asked one very special person, with a… unique perspective on the events of the book…. Read More

Space Marines and the Battle of Tradem Ark

Today’s thing people in e-mail are clamoring for me to comment about: This, in which the sale of a self-published book by M.C.A. Hogarth was blocked from sale on Amazon after Games Workshop complained that it violated its… Read More