We Have Achieved Total Caturation

Which is to say, here are all three Scalzi cats in my office at one time: Zeus on the chair, Ghlaghghee on the chaise, and Lopsided Cat on the low window table. Collect them all! Also, Daisy the… Read More

The Big Idea: J.A. Kazimer

Finally, someone — specifically, J.A. Kazimer — points out a fact about fairy tales that everyone knew but was too beguiled by Disney to say out loud. And used that fact to write a book — specifically, Froggy… Read More

A Nice Thing to Wake Up To

Hey, look at what’s the #1 science fiction work on Amazon at the moment: Clearly, I need to add dogs to everything I write. Update, 1:15pm: Also, at the moment, I have fifteen titles in Amazon’s SF Top… Read More