Something Really Old V: Adventures in Pig Roasting

From the AOL years (1996 – 98). —- Last week I mentioned to a co-worker of mine at America Online that I was going to attend a pig roast that weekend. This being the first time I had… Read More

The Big Idea: Jamie Mason

The “whydunit”, is arguably the more intriguing of questions asked along a literary journey suggests Jamie Mason, author of Three Graves Full.  In today’s Big Idea, Jamie explains the method and mentality that went into polishing her debut novel…. Read More

The Human Division, Episode Five: Tales From The Clarke is Now Live!

It’s Tuesday and by now, you know what that means! The Human Division, Episode Five: “Tales from the Clarke” is now live. (Oh, a rhyme!) Links to this week’s piece are below and the description blurb is as follows: Captain… Read More

Something Really Old IV: Flaming Babies!

Another take from the AOL years (1996 – 1998). —- My friends Lisa and Michael gave birth to their first child last week (actually, Lisa did the birth-giving while Michael participated in a less active advisory role), and… Read More

Something Really Old III: Cute Adorable Extortionists

Again, from the AOL years (1996 – 1998). —- Yesterday was the last day of summer, and what day it was. Here in Virginia, where I live, the sun dappled the trees in golden light, and it was… Read More

Something Really Old II: Pepsi Points and the Jet

From my AOL days (1996 – 1998). —-   How much Pepsi would it take to get a Harrier Jet?   The question has relevance because someone, specifically John Leonard of Lynwood, Washington, is suing PepsiCo, the makers… Read More

Something Really Old I: Drill, Sergeant

From my AOL days (1996 – 1998). —- My wife played softball on Saturday and spent Sunday wobbling around the house like Weeble. She had odd-shaped bruises in weird places (a thin, streaky one on her ankle, a… Read More

Okay, This Time For Real

Auctioning off a signed ARC of The Human Division here. Go bid! Now!

And Now, An Announcment

Effective midnight, I’m taking ten days off from the Internet. Because I want to, that’s why. The Fabulous Kate Baker has the Mallet while I’m gone. Heed her. I may schedule some really old stuff here to keep… Read More

Macmillan Settles With DOJ

A letter from Macmillan CEO John Sargent is here and is an interesting read, especially regarding why Macmillan has chosen to settle. By all means add your thoughts in the comments. But read the letter first, please.

Signed ARC of The Human Division Up for Auction

Yes! The whole book! Signed and everything! For the Con or Bust drive. Go here if you want to bid on it. And while you are there, why not check out all the other very cool auctions? You’ll… Read More

If You’re Here Because of the CBC Interview

What you’re looking for is here (also, hi!)

The Big Idea: Laura Lam

Sometimes, in the telling of the life of a character, it’s not just what the author reveals that’s important, but also the when — that is, when in the life of the character the author focuses her attention…. Read More

Procedural Notes For a Fund Drive

Now that people have pledged a whole stack of money to the “Counteract a Bigot” fund drive — we’re up above $60,000 in pledges at this point and I have to actually count out how much before I… Read More

No, Wait, I Do Have Another Thought Re: Used eBooks

Which is this: In the event that Amazon (or anyone else) gets into the business of selling used eBooks without compensating me (the author) for them, and you decide that you don’t want to buy the book new… Read More

Second-Hand EBooks

Yes, folks: I read about this. My first impressions: a) I’m awfully suspicious that it means nothing good for writers who want to get paid for their work using the current compensation model, b) If Amazon actually wants this to work… Read More

Today’s Very Cool Thing What I Got in the Mail

No, not the awards. I’ve had those for a bit. I’m talking about the fabulous artwork, from John Harris. Does it look at least slightly familiar? It should. Here, this is where you might have seen it before:… Read More

SFWA.Org Currently Under DDoS Attack

Reposting this here by way of getting the word out to SFWA members: SFWA.org has been under a DDoS attack since roughly 10am. We are working to restore the site as quickly as possible. — SF&FWritersOfAm. (@sfwa) February… Read More

The Human Division Episodes: Official Bestsellers

No lie, it seems both The B-Team and Walk the Plank hit the USA Today best seller lists in the last couple of weeks. Sweet! I have no idea if a serialized novel has had individual portions of… Read More

My Poor Stoned Puppy

Daisy has developed a nasty cough and the vet gave us some cough suppressant, which she warned might have the side effect of making Daisy drowsy. Well, it has the side effect of making her stoned, is what… Read More