Happy Easter

Whatever Easter means to you personally, I hope your day is a happy one. I’m taking the day off from the blog to spend it with family and friends. See you Monday.

Redshirts Nominated for the Best Novel Hugo Award + Hugo Nomination Slate

Wheee! Just to let you know. I’ll be updating with the entire nomination list as soon as it’s posted. I’ll post another entry with my reaction to the slate a bit later. Update: The entire Hugo award nomination… Read More

XPS 12 Two Week Update

For those still interested in what I think of the Dell XPS 12 two weeks in (see here for the two-day report), a few quick additional notes: * I still very much like it, generally. Good screen, good… Read More

Note to SFWA Members re: Nebula Voting

Reminder to SFWA members: Remember to vote for the Nebulas today or tomorrow OR YOU WILL SEE MY DISAPPROVING FACE. — John Scalzi (@scalzi) March 29, 2013 It’s true. And my disapproving face is very disapproving.

Reminder: Last Three Days to Get Your Gamma Rabbit T-Shirt

If you’ve been thinking to yourself, “Darn, I really want to get myself one of those fabulous Gamma Rabbit t-shirts, but I’m so easily distracted by dental floss and bits of foil,” now is the time to put… Read More

I Think This Should Be Obvious

If you announce on Twitter that you are coming over to my site to troll my comments, you should not be surprised at the rapidity with which your comments are deleted. If, after I delete the comments of… Read More

The Human Division Tour: Official Itinerary

Yes, folks, I will be touring to support the hardcover release of The Human Division when it hits the stores (and online retailers as a compiled single eBook edition) on May 14. This tour sees me visiting some… Read More

The Big Idea: Will Ludwigsen

Before you read this Big Idea entry by Will Ludwigsen, about his story collection In Search Of and Others, I just want to say that I, too, loved the In Search Of television series to an insensible degree. And… Read More

Big Idea Housekeeping Notice

For those of you who have sent Big Idea queries for April/May:  I’ll be finishing up assigning those in the next couple of days (i.e., by Friday close of business). If for some reason you haven’t heard back… Read More

The Big Idea: Adam Christopher

Adam Christopher tried to resist writing The Age Atomic, a followup to his novel The Empire State, but the power of sequels compelled him! Aaaand that’s today’s gratuitous Exorcist reference. Read the rest of this entry now. The… Read More

Sunset, 3/26/13

Ice pillar on top, crepuscular lighting below. Not bad.

Today’s New Book Arrivals

In a small reversal from usual trends, the lower five titles are UK releases, so those of you in the US, look upon them and weep (although I suspect most if not all will be eventually released in… Read More

The Big Idea: David Walton

The world isn’t flat. But what would it mean if it was? For his latest novel Quintessence, Philip K. Dick Award winner David Walton resurrected this and a few other ideas from antiquity and took them out for… Read More

The Human Division, Episode Eleven: A Problem of Proportion is Now Live

Why, hello, Tuesday. May I say you’re looking ravishing today? I may? Excellent. And what is this? You’ve gotten me something? Why, it’s “A Problem of Proportion,” the latest episode in The Human Division! It’s just what I… Read More

Apropos of an Earlier Entry Today

Ohio Senator Rob Portman’s son Will on coming out to his parents and to the world.

Awesome Neighbor is Awesome

So here’s my neighbor clearing my driveway with his snow plow. Why? Because he enjoys doing it, and knows we appreciate it, and anyway, that’s what neighbors are for. We are in return neighborly and do things for… Read More

Possibly The Last Snow Day of the Season

And the neighbor children are taking advantage of it. IN MY YARD. Which is, of course, just fine. It’s a big yard with an excellent sledding hill on it. Might as well get some use before the snow… Read More

Meanwhile in Ohio

In 2004, Ohio voters decided to put a ban on same sex marriage into the state constitution. If this poll is correct, however, that ban might not be long for this world: The constitutional amendment defining marriage as… Read More

In Which I Invent the Word “Phlegmnation.”

The definition of which is: The act of cursing someone to be afflicted with phlegm; or, to be afflicted with phlegm, with or without moral judgment cast. Use in sample sentences: “I cast you into eternal phlegmnation! May… Read More

Sunday New Books and ARCs

Look! More books and ARCs! Who knew that could happen! Let me know if anything looks good to you in this stack.