Today I am Working on My Doing Nothing Skills

Which is why you won’t see much of me here today. See you tomorrow!

19 Comments on “Today I am Working on My Doing Nothing Skills

  1. Well, practice makes perfect. Just don’t push yourself too hard, ‘kay?

  2. Hope you have a wonderful day! Doing nothing takes a supreme effort.

  3. And I stopped doing nothing just to read what you were doing.
    Best get back to it, I guess.

  4. I highly approve.

    I will be spending the day kicking alien ass in X-Com (circa 1995).

  5. I’ve seen this pattern before; it’s the cruise. All that climbing rock faces and ice skating takes a toll, which is why I favour ships where the most arduous activity is lifting a glass to my lips whilst floating in a pool…

  6. Does uploading this post count as doing something? If so, you need to work harder on your doing-nothing-skills! Your failure to successfully do nothing makes you a slacker!

  7. No pictures of your cats, dog, or family?

    I think you’re taking this do-nothing thing too far…

  8. You do, at least, live with three experts in the field (with likely postgraduate credits of effortless cuteness, advanced sleep and human behaviour control methodology)
    @idiosynchronic – best IT-based waste of time – ever! I lost weeks to that game!

  9. The Dark Side of “Do nothing today, Scorpius” whispers to me also, John. But I have classes to study for, tests to prepare for, classes to teach next week and research to advance. I simply cannot take a day off.

    Must be nice to be a fiction writer. ;)

  10. Doing nothing is not a skill one can practice alone. It takes buy-in from all of those around too. I myself have mastered the art, my better half, not so much. Her, ” must do something” greatly interferes with my do nothing.

  11. Harder than IT seems, although some may also find it harder than seams.

  12. erm, when you are done doing “nothing” [i am jealous!]

    who is Denise Hogan? [or, really, can anyone answer?] that’s been driving me batty, since i finally got to read Redshirts!

  13. Hey Mr. Scalzi, look what I saw in my local bookshop window while I was downtown today!

    I don’t know if pictures are allowed in comments so I’ll type the URL of the picture here in case the picture doesn’t show up. It’s the ghost brigades in Hungarian: