Thank Zeus It’s Friday


Yes, the Zeus takes after his namesake. Or would, were it not for this little incident.

Anyway, hey! It’s past three on a Friday afternoon. You can officially stop pretending you’re doing actual work. Zeus says you can. And look at him! You gonna argue with that face? Of course not.

25 Comments on “Thank Zeus It’s Friday

  1. I feel like that cat is trying to come on to me, and it’s a little creepy.

  2. And, by the Cat, it is surely true that I’ve been at it long enough today. Thank you Zeus!

  3. This is kinda freaking me out, ’cause Zeus looks JUST like my cat, and that couch looks EXACTLY like my couch. WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE?!?!?

  4. It’s still before 3 pm here, but who am I to argue with Zeus?

  5. Looks like he recovered from the “incident” just fine. What a handsome kitty!

  6. Such a pretty kitty! And No, those scallops were fried in ginger, garlic, and olive oil and are unsuitable, and besides, I’ve eaten them. You can smolder for food all you want.

  7. Zeus’ expression here is how I would picture the expression of an abbot of a Tibetan Monastery

    Old joke, but one of my favorites, with the names changed..

    John Scalzi: “Does a Cat have the Buddha nature?”
    Zeus: “Mew.”

  8. Some days it’s just nice to know there really is SOMEONE in charge. Zeus works for me.

  9. Zeus is my copilot.
    He also looks a lot like our twin cats.

  10. Ah, that is one gorgeous cat. I love tuxedo cats, they’re so elegant.

  11. Man, if I didn’t have to go to physical therapy in a couple of hours, I’d totally be eying the bottles of Hendrick’s and Uncle Val’s sitting in my cupboard.

  12. Tiny kitty.

    And I want to know where this “your week is done” is coming from. Some of us have 12+ hrs left before our weeks are done…

  13. Not arguing! and yes, I miss Chang as well, especially after clicking on the Zeus link. I do wonder what happened to him. (Or her.)

  14. Gee – our male cats are either dumb as a bag of hammers, skittish…or a teenage guy who alternates between charging around the house jumping on the other cats (and us), and sacking out on the bed….

  15. That’s a total ‘most interesting cat in the world’ pose!

  16. You put a picture of a cat on your blog and mentioned a cat. I’m posting a video of cats as the little jerks they certainly are at times. I don’t laugh at videos much on YouTube but this had me going more than a few times. Enjoy.