Spring, Evidently Unsprung

I thought that we were largely over the whole snow thing for the season, but apparently I was wrong. This is what it the outside world looks like at the moment and apparently we’re supposed to get up… Read More

My Alternate Workspace

I noted that one of the reasons I wanted a new laptop was not only for travel but for when I felt like getting out of my own office and writing somewhere else in the house. For those… Read More

Another Saturday Pile of Books

Upcoming and/or just out: Tell me if you see anything in there you’re interested in.

A Petition All Of Us Can Get Behind, Except Vegetarians and Observant Members of at Least a Few Major Religions and Maybe Also People Who Never Got Over Watching the Movie “Babe”

What is this petition? Myke Cole explains in a letter to me: Sir, I’ve just petitioned the White House to have the USDA set a Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) of bacon. I thought you might be interested in… Read More

The Big Idea: Jane Yolen (and Adam Stemple)

Attention: Jane Yolen is awesome. And Adam Stemple (her son and occasional co-writer) is nifty too. And that’s all I have to say at the moment. I’m going to let them talk about their new book, B.U.G. (Big… Read More

Your Friday Cat Picture

Having deep thoughts about the universe, or just looking at a bird on the lawn? Only Ghlaghghee knows for sure.

Two Simple Observations, Regarding Women

I already made this observation over at Twitter, but it’s worth repeating here, as it has relevance to several current events: If your response to a woman doing something you don’t like is to threaten her with rape… Read More

The Big Idea: Moses Gates

We know (or can guess) how authors create characters in fiction — but how do you create a character in a memoir? Which means that the character is a real person, and you have to represent them truthfully,… Read More

In Case You’re Wondering

The new subhead under the blog title comes from this song. Happy listening.  

Why, No, You Can’t Write a Guest Post Here

Yet another “post now, refer people to later” post: Recently my e-mail had been inundated with people who I don’t know and have never heard of before (or organizations, which is even worse), asking me if they can… Read More

Dell XPS 12 Two-Day Thoughts

I bought a Dell XPS 12 because I needed a full-featured laptop for when I travel (and for when I don’t feel like sitting at my desk in my office; for example, right now, when I’m sitting in… Read More

The Big Idea: Chandler Klang Smith

In this edition of the Big Idea, author Chandler Klang Smith confronts reality, the imaginary, perception, and, of course, Bob Dylan, whilst discussing her novel Goldenland Past Dark. Good morning! Hope you’ve had your coffee. CHANDLER KLANG SMITH:… Read More

Steubenville and CNN and the Rest

Various news organizations, CNN and Fox most notably, have been catching all sorts of crap on my Twitter and Facebook feeds for being unduly handwringing about the fate of the two Ohio teenage boys who raped a drunk… Read More

The Human Division, Episode Ten: This Must Be the Place is Now Live!

Tuesday! We greet you again in all your second-day-of-the-work-week-ness! And with a new episode of The Human Division: “This Must Be the Place.” Let’s find out what it’s about: Colonial Union diplomat Hart Schmidt is back home for… Read More

Meet the Replacement

The computer on the right is the Toshiba Satellite I purchased in 2007 in the middle of my book tour, because the laptop I ┬áhad been carrying along with me died and I need something to replace it… Read More

Reminder: Get Your Gamma Rabbit T-Shirts While They’re Here

As you can see the Gamma Rabbit t-shirts have begun to ship, so if you ordered one, if you don’t have it now, you’ll have it soon. As I am wearing one even as I type this, I… Read More

What I Did at Engadget Expand

Engadget has a liveblogging of my panel with Veronica Belmont and Daniel Wilson (with Engadget’s Tim Stevens moderating) and it’s available here. It was a fun panel to be on; Veronica and Daniel were great co-panelists and we… Read More

While I’m Away, An Open Promotion Thread

This is my Bag of Travelin’, and the moment this goes up I am (hopefully) in an airplane, flying over Nebraska or Kansas or some such state, on my way to San Francisco and the Engadget Expand conference…. Read More

The Big Idea: Deb Taber

We all have ethical perspectives, but what happens when a writer tries to get inside the head of someone with a, shall we say, truly unique take on the ethical responsibilities of the human race? Deb Taber, author… Read More

Various and Sundry, 3/14/13

Some stuff I don’t wanna break into their own posts: * Google Reader is getting the ax, to the wailing and howling of nerds everywhere, including me, because I use it and like it because it’s simple to… Read More