Meet the Renfield

My pals over at Industrial Toys have just released a glimpse of one of the enemies you’ll face in Morning Star, the video game I am working on with them. Meet the Renfield. Yes, he looks goofy. He… Read More

Some Pictures of the Crabapple Tree For You

Because spring, that’s why.  More and/or larger pictures are here. And yes, you may use them for computer wallpapers/personal use.

The Big Idea: Wesley Chu

You like odd couples? In The Lives of Tao, author Wesley Chu has got an odd couple for you. A very odd couple. WESLEY CHU: I originally had a little trouble pinpointing the Big Idea for The Lives… Read More

Fiddly Administrative Post on the Next Several Weeks

But first, a milestone announcement: This is the 8,000th post on this iteration of Whatever. Go me! Now, then: As most of you know, I have begun my book tour season, with events for the last two weekend,… Read More

The German Cover to The Human Division

Interesting. I do like it, although it’s more about selling the book as science fiction than being 100% accurate to the content of the book (to be fair, there are soldiers in the book). It also keeps with the… Read More

The Human Division Hardcover in the House

Zeus is obviously not impressed. Hey, cat, you’d be impressed if you knew this was paying for your kibble. Not to mention that chair you’re so comfortably napping on. Respect the novel, damn you cat. Unimpressed cats aside,… Read More

The Big Idea: Martin Berman-Gorvine

Sidewise Award-winning author (and my college classmate) Martin Berman-Gorvine likes playing with time, space and narrative forms, all of which combine not only in his latest novel, Seven Against Mars, but also in this very Big Idea, in… Read More

Final Reminder for The Human Division Preorder

If you wanted a signed, personalized edition of The Human Division and you won’t see me on tour, today’s the last day to preorder it from Jay and Mary’s Book Center. Here are the details. Don’t dawdle, folks…. Read More

Today’s View Out a Hotel Window

As a view, this does not suck. Hope you’re all having a good Saturday. Tell what your plans for the day are.

It’s Friday! Time for Reminders!

And here they are! One! You only have until Sunday to pre-order from Jay and Mary’s Book Center to get signed, personalized copies of The Human Division from me! Here are the details! Two! Remember I will be… Read More

Your Midday Cat Picture

Still working on this movie treatment thing (that’s what I’m doing with my day). Here’s a picture of a cat to get you through the rest of your afternoon.

I Have Stuff To Do Today, So Here’s Steve Martin and Edie Brickell’s New Album

It’s lovely. Especially if you like bluegrass and/or banjo. If you don’t then, uh, too bad, I guess. If you like it, consider buying it. You know, as one does. I’ll be back when my stuff is done…. Read More

Rainbow, 4/24/13

I see some cool stuff from my front yard sometimes. Larger versions are here. Feel free to use ’em for computer wallpapers if you like.

My Weekend Schedule at C2E2 and University of Chicago

Hey, if you’re in the Chicagoland area this weekend, you’ll have a chance to see me at C2E2, where I will be signing and doing a panel, and, if you are a University of Chicago student, at the… Read More

The Lowest Difficulty Setting as Teaching Tool

This is interesting: Writer and teacher Samantha Allen assigns my “Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is” piece in her Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies 100 class (along with her own, similar article) and then as a teaching exercise… Read More

Me at the Guardian and LA Times

I’m showing up at a couple of news outlets today, so let me share those with you. One, here’s a video interview I did with Carolyn Kellogg of The Los Angeles Times, mostly talking about The Human Division…. Read More

The Big Idea: Josin McQuein

Today’s metaphor for ideas comes to you from Josin L. McQuein, author of the new YA science fiction book Arclight. And what is that metaphor? Hint: They are small, they are many, and if you are not careful,… Read More

Big Idea Gender Breakdown

Via Annalee Newitz’s Twitter feed, I see that Strange Horizons has done a gender breakdown of reviews in SF publications, and learns that more sf/f by men is reviewed than sf/f by women. This made me curious as… Read More

Reminder About Signed Books From Jay & Mary’s Plus a Plea to Those Going to My Tour Events

First: Remember that through April 28 — that’s this upcoming Sunday — you can pre-order The Human Division hardcover from Jay & Mary’s Book Center (my hometown indie bookseller) and I will happily sign and personalize the book… Read More

Yardwork, 4/23/13

No, not by me. I have allergies (which reminds me, time to take my Claritin for the day. Okay, there we go). But others are here to do a little work for me. This fellow for example, is… Read More