Redshirts Nominated for the Kurd Laßwitz Preis

This is excellent news: Redshirts has been nominated for the Kurd Laßwitz Preis this year, in the category of Best Foreign Novel. The Kurd Laßwitz Preis is arguably the German language’s highest science fiction award, so getting a nod for… Read More

Big Idea House Keeping Notice Addendum

Which is to say, an update on what I said here: I’m running late on catching up with the Big Idea calendar. I will be totally updated for April/May by Wednesday, so if you haven’t heard from me… Read More

Addressing the Rumors

If everything I’ve heard is correct, then at 9am this morning, Tor.com is putting up a “news article” (I put that phrase in scare quotes for a reason) about the planned and upcoming “Shadow War of the Night… Read More