Stand Back, I’m Going to Brag on My Kid

Athena learned today that she’s going to the state finals for Power of the Pen, a statewide writing competition open to Ohio’s 7th and 8th graders (she’s one of the latter). In May, she and a bunch of… Read More

Reader Request Week 2013 #4: College Education (And Costs Therein)

Steve asks: You went to a great university. Assuming you support the concept of higher education for your own child, Athena is old enough that you may have started thinking about where she might want to go, or… Read More

Reader Request Week 2013 #3: Guilty Pleasures

John Glaenzer asks: What guilty pleasures do you have? Belting out CW McCall songs on Friday night? Watching reruns of “Mythbusters” in your bathrobe, because dressing on Saturday is too much of a hassle? Writing mildly amusing comments… Read More

The Human Division Serial Run Reader Thoughts and Kvetches Thread

Now that the serial run of The Human Division has come to its end, it’s going to be helpful to us (meaning me, Tor and Audible) to hear your thoughts, comments, complaints, praise and general observations about the… Read More

The Human Division, Episode Thirteen: Earth Below, Sky Above is Now Live + An Announcement About the Future

It’s all led up to this and here it is: The final Tuesday, with the final episode of The Human Division: “Earth Below, Sky Above.” Here’s what it’s about: At last, the Earth and the Colonial Union have… Read More