Redshirts Wins RT Reviewer’s Choice Award

RT Book Reviews is a magazine that (as the title suggests) reviews tons of books, and every year its critics give out awards for what they’ve most enjoyed in the year, across various categories and genres. This year,… Read More

Hey, Wanna See Something?

Type “GammaRabbit.com” into the URL field. See where it gets you. Hello!

On the Matter of the Extra Material in the Hardcover of The Human Division

Over in the feedback thread for the serial run of The Human Division, there’s been a lot of comment and consternation about the fact that the hardcover/compiled edition of The Human Division will feature two extra stories, and… Read More

The Locus Award Poll: Get Your Vote In

Every year science fiction and fantasy trade magazine Locus polls its subscribers — and also the rest of the world — about what was the best science fiction and fantasy works, creators and publishers of the last calendar… Read More

Reader Request Week 2013 #5: How to Be a Good Fan

Jessica Schwab asks: I’d like to know your thoughts on how to be a good fan. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately; how do you manage your social networks to be a connection to your fans,… Read More

The Big Idea: Russell Davis

Russell Davis and I share a special bond: I am the current president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, and he is my immediate predecessor in the position. As a result I’ve gotten to know… Read More

Spam Storm

Just a note: The site is getting hit with quite a lot of spam at the moment and while the filters are getting a lot of it, other bits are getting through. Since I am about to go… Read More