Blossoms With Bee

Today is the day blossoms on my dwarf cherry tree are fully open, with others on their way, and the bees are doing their pollination work. Very pretty. Thought you might enjoy the view today.

Breaking Out the Emergency Cat Picture

Because now it’s that kind of day.

Apologies: What, When and How

I’ve apologized a fair amount for stupid and/or ignorant and/or insensitive things that I have done or said over the course of my life. This has has given me the time and experience to, if not perfect the… Read More

Reminder: Last Day to Vote For the Locus Awards

I told you I would remind you: Today is the last day you can vote in the Locus Awards for the best science fiction and fantasy works (and creators, and publishers) of 2012. Here’s the link to vote…. Read More

Reader Request Week 2013 Recap

Here are links to all the 2013 Reader Request Week entries. Just in case you missed one: Reader Request Week 2013 #1: Further Thoughts on Fame and Success Reader Request Week 2013 #2: Regrets Reader Request Week 2013… Read More