Reminder: Last Day to Vote For the Locus Awards

I told you I would remind you: Today is the last day you can vote in the Locus Awards for the best science fiction and fantasy works (and creators, and publishers) of 2012. Here’s the link to vote. Yes, anyone can vote, including those of you who are not in the US. Pick from the selected options in each category, or write in a favorite. Don’t forget to fill in the survey at the bottom. Have fun.

2 thoughts on “Reminder: Last Day to Vote For the Locus Awards

  1. Wow. I knew it had been a long time since I’d been in the SF world, but I was astonished at how few titles I even recognized. I didn’t vote for anything I hadn’t read, but there were major categories I had to leave blank, and none where I’d even read more than three titles…

    On the other hand, I realize that of the handful of authors whose books I buy immediately I see them, half write SF. Maybe one more if you count Murakami as SF.

  2. I don’t feel comfortable voting, as I’ve not read all of the nominated stories. Additionally, I have problems with internet-voting for anything.

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