Kitchen During, 4/17/13

As promised: Topless kitchen! It looks a little bereft. For those wondering why it’ll be a day or two for the new counters, the answer is that they are being custom-made by a local craftsman (the same one… Read More

The Problem With Being a Lucid Dreamer

Last night I had a dream that the someone was showing me that the trade paperback version of Redshirts had gotten to number five on the New York Times paperback bestseller list, and in my dream, I remember… Read More

And Now, A Small Example of What a Generation Gap Looks Like

It looks like this: Me (carrying the downstairs phone into Athena’s room): I need someplace to put this while the new kitchen counters are installed. Do you have a phone jack in your room? Athena: A what? Me:… Read More

Kitchen Before, 4/17/13

We’re having our counters redone, so I thought I’d record one last look at these particular counters before the contractor took them out and hauled them away. I understand we will be kitchen-counterless for a couple of days;… Read More