Kitchen After, 4/23/13

I know some of you have been waiting days to see the final results of the kitchen counter rehab, and so, to make you happy, here it is. For contrast, here’s what the kitchen looked like before, and during the rehab. The end result is, I should say, very nice when you’re up close to it.

25 Comments on “Kitchen After, 4/23/13

  1. It’s hard (at least for me, with my eyesight) to tell…are the countertops still green? Looks like they might have a little more grey in them than before the remodel. Nice job! :-)

  2. That turned out quite nice! I really love the look of the new color. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Very nice “then” you’re up close to it, or very nice when you’re up close to it?

  4. Snazzy. The rounded counter top on the island ledge really makes a difference in how big the whole space looks.

  5. Lovely! Is that Corian? That color really makes the wood grain pop. (I just went through kitchen design hell, so I know more about counter tops than I ever wanted to.)

  6. And my husband thought I was crazy to want a purple kitchen! Looks lovely!

  7. Nice! Need some new black appliances now.

  8. Very nice! I like the rounded island space- it’s a subtle thing, but it made a big change.

  9. Am I the only one who loaded up the before and after pics in two tabs and switched back and forth really quickly?

  10. @Coke: You are not the only one. ;)
    Looks nice. Maybe with the light on over head I could see the difference even more. I can tell there are no more scratches. Did you have laminate before?

  11. It looks good. I am no kind of interior designer, but I think I’d get rid of that light fixture, and go with recessed fixtures that follow the angle of the corner, maybe about 20-24 inches apart. Recessed lights will give the kitchen a comforting glow, and getting rid of that dated fixture will make the ceiling feel a little higher.

    Other than that tiny detail, it looks like a place where some serious cooking should happen.

  12. *looks at the counter island*
    *looks up at her counter island*
    *looks at the counter island again*


  13. It’s lovely except sorry for the electric stove…