Fiddly Administrative Post on the Next Several Weeks

But first, a milestone announcement: This is the 8,000th post on this iteration of Whatever. Go me! Now, then: As most of you know, I have begun my book tour season, with events for the last two weekend,… Read More

The German Cover to The Human Division

Interesting. I do like it, although it’s more about selling the book as science fiction than being 100% accurate to the content of the book (to be fair, there are soldiers in the book). It also keeps with the… Read More

The Human Division Hardcover in the House

Zeus is obviously not impressed. Hey, cat, you’d be impressed if you knew this was paying for your kibble. Not to mention that chair you’re so comfortably napping on. Respect the novel, damn you cat. Unimpressed cats aside,… Read More

The Big Idea: Martin Berman-Gorvine

Sidewise Award-winning author (and my college classmate) Martin Berman-Gorvine likes playing with time, space and narrative forms, all of which combine not only in his latest novel, Seven Against Mars, but also in this very Big Idea, in… Read More