Reminder: San Diego! Tomorrow! Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore! 2pm!

That’s right, San Diego, I will be at Mysterious Galaxy’s 20th Anniversary Party tomorrow at 2pm to sign books, meet people and otherwise be a happy performing monkey for the whole lot of you (and yes, apparently, there will be a limited number of “pre-publication copies” of The Human Division, or so it says on Mysterious Galaxy’s Web site, so come early if you want those).  I won’t be the only author there by a long shot; click on that link above to see who else is coming by to celebrate. It’ll be a fun time. There are rumors of cake. And you know what they say about cake. It is never a lie.

Please come! Bring a friend! Bring two! Have them bring friends! Have those friends bring enemies, and then we’ll all eat popcorn as they fight in the parking lot! It’ll be fantastic.

5 thoughts on “Reminder: San Diego! Tomorrow! Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore! 2pm!

  1. Is it a coincidence that you made a joke about cakes and lies on the same day that the Big Idea was about a book called Portal?

  2. Thanks for battling through SoCal freeways to come see us. Loved the talk. And in case anyone’s wondering, the cake was NOT a lie.

  3. Thanks for coming to see us in SD. My husband was very happy with his signed birthday copy of The Human Division.

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