14 thoughts on “Two SFWA Presidents

  1. Your hair, it is not grey. I thought all outgoing presidents greyed because of the stresses of their term.

  2. May since it’s SFWA, they age backwards like Merlin.
    You weren’t using your hair anyway, John. Now that Mr. Gould has a nice flowing silver mane. Actually, his hair is the same color as my cat. I don’t think I want to pet it though.

  3. Judging by appearance I would have gotten it backwards! I am always distressed when I get this sort of office & happy as heck when my turn in the barrel is over.

  4. I am eagerly awaiting John’s Autobiography about his years as Prez of SFWA. So we can find out the inside story about all the scandals, corruption, and controversial decisions of his administration.

  5. I met Steve Gould when he and Laura Mixon were instructors at Viable Paradise in 2008. They were both very good instructors as well as really warm and kind people. I think Steve will make a great SFWA president.

  6. So if you can get half a SFWA President (insert snide comment about the vertically-challenged SF writer with a bad attitude of your choice here) and a lot of offensive bad jokes, you guys can get ten years on CBS!

  7. It’s a good sign that the excitement isn’t switched :) Where I work, getting appointed into certain ‘higher responsibility’ positions is often accompanied by much moaning and alcohol consumption.

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