Atlanta/Decatur: See Me Thursday! 7pm! Eagle Eye Book Shop!

Yet again, the pertinent information is in the headline, but here are additional details if you need them.

I will say this, however: The Atlanta/Decatur stop is the last stop in my three-week non-stop trek about the country — after this I get to go home and see my wife and child and pets, whoo-hoo!  — so I’m hoping to end this portion of the book tour on a high note. Will that happen? It’s up to you! If you’re in the Atlanta metropolitan area — heck, if you’re in Georgia — pack up every single person you’ve ever met in your life and bring them down with you to Eagle Eye. It’ll be a party down in Ol’ Nerdlanta.

12 thoughts on “Atlanta/Decatur: See Me Thursday! 7pm! Eagle Eye Book Shop!

  1. I wish your publisher had scheduled Savannah/Charleston. By the way, John, asking everyone in Georgia’s a heck of a request; we’re the biggest state by land area east of the Mississippi. I’m in Georgia and 4 hours from Atlanta myself.

  2. Bringing my eldest son to see you too. Just bought him a copy of Old Man’s War. Looking forward to seeing you again!!

  3. I REALLY wanted to come, and tried to convince my husband to take the evening off, but 2/3 of his coworkers have some sort of church thing for the rest of the week and he’s working doubles… *sigh* Will you be at Dragon*Con?

  4. I’ll be there! Haven’t read the book yet since I plan to buy a copy from Eagle Eye for you to sign.

  5. I hate that I won’t be able to be there – I have a friend who isn’t a fan of anything speculative coming from New England, planned before your tour was announced. I figure if she’s gone to all the trouble to come down here, I should play hostess and all that sort of thing. My good thoughts for a good reading will be with you, and I’ll definitely be there next time. Eagle Eye does awesome events, you should have a great time :)

  6. I’m with Knightsky, gotta see if I can get there by 7:30 or something.

    And I just realized all my physical copies of your books are in Maryland. Crud.

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